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St. George Marathon, Chicago, Soccer, School & More! 

October 9, 2015

Saturday: I got up at 5 a.m. and went out for my 12 mile run. I ran 10 x 1 min at sub 6 pace for the 1st minute of every mile after the 1st 2. What made this run hard and a lot longer was with Corom being in St. George (for his marathon), I had to run back and forth along my street (in front of my house) for those 12 miles. But I did it and now that run is done. I woke the girls up, got ready (very quickly), jumped in the car and took off for St. George. We left by 7:15 and headed out for our 3 hour and 15 minute drive. (Corom just started his race at 7…).  

I didn’t know what time to expect Corom and Mike in, so I wanted to make sure we got there. We had a smooth car ride and by the time we got to the finish line area (parked and everything) it was 10:45 a.m. The girls kept themselves very entertained while we waited… It was fun to watch them climb up the tree like it was nothing, as these boys were trying to follow with no success. 😉 

Corom and Mike finished at a little after 12 (5:08 minutes I believe was their time)… With my mother-in-law about 15-20 minutes behind them.

 The girls were so excited to see them come in!  

 They did a “Brown Bag” method (something Corom and Mike came up with) and it actually worked for them, where they weren’t to sore after! I was proud of those 2 for getting it done! The rest of the afternoon was nice… The girls played at the house we stayed at and looked for lizards. It was relaxing. Amy and I did go out to dinner and then Corom and Mike went to the 10 year dinner. The girls didn’t want to go to either one because they wanted cup-o-noddles and hot pockets. Done! That was nice for me not having to cook (at the house we were staying at) or bring them all to dinner. 🙂 

 We watched a movie and then went to bed. 

Sunday: We slept in (until 7:30 because that’s when the girls got up), began the process of cleaning up, breakfast, loading the car up and getting ready. We headed home around 9:30 and listened to General Conference on the radio. The girls were really good and it was nice to actually listen to our Prophet and Apostles. We met up at my mother-in-laws house for dinner and cake and ice cream. It was Gary’s (her husband’s) birthday.  

 The family and kids hung out and played. We had a good time. Early bedtime tonight!! 

Monday: I went out on a 6 mile easy run!!! Loved it. My legs did feel a little heavy but with it being only 6 miles, I didn’t care. 🙂 After I dropped the girls off at school, I had my PTO meeting. Always a good time hanging out with the other ladies and some of the school staff. I did work at the Clarion Event Center today. That, too, is fun. And the food we get to eat was excellent!  

  The lady that performed was the lady from Payson that put her own words about being a mother into the song hallelujah. I left to go pick up my kids from school and then we headed to CC practice.  

 For family night, Corom, the girls and I loaded up on the bus and went around picking up neighbor kids and families. There were about 21 extra people that came with us. 🙂 It was a little chaotic!!! We headed to our local grocery store and ordered ice cream cones…  

 Another early to bed night… (For me and the kids).

Tuesday: I went out on an easy 8 mile run. I am liking this tapering. This week is going by way too fast though. I am excited, nervous and dreading the race all at the same time! I went with Corom to his doctors appointment just right after I dropped the girls off at school. It was interesting to hear what the doc had to say. Corom is on 2 to 3 different medications to level him out, I guess you could say. One to help him with his extreme mood swings, so he needs another to counteract that one so that he can also stay motivated and I forgot what the 3rd one does. He went to work and I began the laundry and packing today for all my girls… That is a chore on its own! My youngest and I hung out and then we picked up the other 3 from school and headed to CC practice.  

 The 3 younger girls had soccer games tonight. They played well and it is always entertaining to coach. 🙂 My 2 middle girls’ team (they are on the same team) have yet to score a goal this season. They are both actually pretty good but have yet to score. None of them seem to mind… They are having fun! 

  Corom had to run off to a church meeting and the girls and I went home to begin the whole bedtime routine…

Wednesday: Today was a 10 miler with 4 x 1 miles. My 1st mile was a 6:17, 2nd was a 6:07, 3rd was a 6:03 and 4th was a 5:55. I was supposed to do a 6:15, 6:10, 6:05 and a 6. Pretty close… I felt good on this run. My legs were a little heavy and sore towards the end but that’s normal (I hope) with tapering. I had to do some PTO stuff with the school, then headed over to the Beehive home (old folks center) for visiting and a spiritual message. The elderly ladies want our church to come every Wednesday, so 2 months out of the year our ward goes in.  Always fun talking with the elderly ladies. 

 Wednesday’s are a busy day for us in the afternoon. There was CC practice…  

 Activity Day’s for the 2 older girls…  

 Piano lessons for the 3 older girls and then my oldest’s soccer game.  

 We (the girls and I… Corom has to work late tonight) came home, did homework, packed all the girls bags and went to bed. I didn’t sleep well at all tonight! But that happens. 

Thursday: I went out for a nice and easy 6 mile run. It felt good… Calf muscles are a little tight but I know they will loosen up. I went on a field trip with my 2nd daughter and her 2nd grade class. It really was a fun time!  

   I hurried home, finished packing for Corom and I, the girls and I dropped treats off at CC practice to wish them luck at Region (I’m going to miss Region this year… It’s tomorrow and I’m leaving for Chicago tonight)… I wanted to give the kids a little something from their coach and to let them know they are ready!  
 (This is me walking back to my car. I do feel bad that I will miss the meet!) I said goodbye to the girls and went to pick Corom up from work. We headed to Utah Valley University so Corom could teach his class (Social Work 1010). He let them out early and we headed to the airport. :/ I have a hard time flying, so I was glad Corom was with me!  

 Before I left, I had many wonderful friends and family that called, texted and dropped things off. I can not even express the love I feel from them for their support. I think that is my biggest fear/worry… Not being able to reach my goal with so many people rooting for me. (Not too many people know of what I’m trying to do but I like it that way.) The pressure! 😉 No for real, though… This will be a fun and great experience, no matter the outcome. Everyone, thank you for your support… You have no idea how much it means to me.  


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  1. You’ve worked so hard. I know you’ll do great! I’m not sure if the marathon is Sat. Or Sunday, but I’ll be thinking about you this weekend…. Sending positive thoughts your way. Good luck !! You’ve got this! Cheering you on from California:-)

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