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October 24, 2015

Monday: I started off my day with a lovely run of 6 miles. I’m liking this week. My legs are still tired from the marathon but that’s going away. I did work at the school for PTO for a little while. Cross country practice was an easy 5 miler. 

 We had 4 families over for dinner and the fun times of carving pumpkins. 🙂 The kids had a blast.   It’s nice for us this year because all the girls are now old enough to carve their own pumpkins. 

 It was a fun family night with the other families and their kids.    I did feel bad because I had to leave a few minutes early to head up to a soccer game. My sister (Missy) and sister-in-law  (Lyndsey) are on an in-door league and needed an extra player… So I agreed to play. You play 3 on 3, so there is a lot of running around. 

 It was so much fun!!! I really had such a great time. I agreed to come play next Monday night with them. 

Tuesday: I went on a easy 8 mile run this morning. I was sore from playing soccer last night. Cross country practice was an easy 2 miles with strides. We have our State CC meet tomorrow, so today was just a shakeout run. 

 After practice the Varsity/State male and female teams came over for dinner. They got their little night before State peptalk. Coach Thompson is so good with getting them motivated.    After the HS kids left, Corom took out our oldest for one on one time and then I took out our 2nd child for a one on one. Now that their soccer is over, we have time again to do our little dates. The girls love it and need it! 

Wednesday: I met up with Amber at the track for a nice little speed workout. I had to run 8 miles total with 8 x 400’s at 90 seconds. I was hitting about 85’s for every 400. I felt good and it was only 8 of them! 🙂  Today I arranged babysitters for the girls (for after school)… I headed up to the State CC meet with the team. 

 I love watching this meet with everyone from all over. Such great talent! Our girls ran so well! As a team, they took 10th overall. Our top female came in 5th overall the females. She was battling between 2nd and 5th the entire race. Great competitors!    The guys also took 10th as a team. They looked great and ran together in a pack. I believe they all came in witching 20 seconds of each other. It was fun to cheer them on. 

 Before the races began, a couple of us (the other coach I coach with and runners not competing) went out to lunch. There was a lady that had a flat tire in the parking lot. So of course I volunteered the 2 of them to change her tire. She was a great lady. Lunch was good, too!    The 3 younger girls had their 1st dance class (through) the city. They enjoyed it. 

Then we headed over to the Thompsons house to rake up their leaves in their backyard (it’s for my daughter’s kindergarten class tomorrow). 


  They goofed around for most of it, though. 🙂 They eventually went to bed…late. 

Thursday: I actually didn’t wake up in time to go for a run. :/ But I’m actually ok with it because we are doing Napa Ragnar this weekend. I did have a job interview this morning (right after I dropped the girls off at school). I am going to do substitute teaching at the Elementary school. I figure that I’m down there all the time and we need extra cash… So why not teach. It will be fun! I headed straight to my Kindergartener’s class for their Fall activity…  

 My mother in law came to help, too. We were put in charge of the leaves and “bear cave”. Always a good time helping with these activities. We realized that we were all matching. 🙂 Kind of cute, right?   Corom came home around 11:30 from work and him and I quickly packed for our trek to California (today). We packed, cleaned, shopped all by 1:30… We checked the girls out of school and our family and Mike Fullmer headed to Sacramento. We are going to Jarom’s house (Corom’s brothers) tonight.  

 The girls are just a little excited! 🙂 We ended up getting in around midnight…

 The girls went straight to bed knowing that morning would come sooner for them to play with their cousins. 🙂 It’s Napa Ragnar tomorrow…

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  1. Ragnar!! We are totally thinking we need to participate at some point. Can’t wait to read your recap. Your girls are so beautiful. And that pumpkin carving looks so fun. Congrats to you coach and your kids for a successful CC season. And bless you for substituting. Rock’s mom invited us to do it at her school and it scares me!

    • Please do come do a Ragnar with us. I actually had orientation today for substituting… Talk about boring!!! 🙂

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