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Napa Ragnar, Red Ribbon Week, Japanese Student…

November 1, 2015

Friday & Saturday: Napa Ragnar!!! Where to begin on these Ragnar experiences… I will have to say that this route was one of the prettiest routes. I loved the course. Corom and I were asked to run this Ragnar by the CEO’s of Ragnar. They filled the other van… We then put our van together. Corom, Mike and I did start off by picking up Ashley in Sacramento. It was so great to finally meet her. An amazing person and runner. We continued the drive into Napa (about an hour away) and picked up our other 2 teammates for our van. Tifany and Garrett were staying at a hotel in Napa… It was breakfast time at the hotel, so we decided to partake in the warm meal.  We had to hurry along to make it to the head quarters of Clif Bar… They were hooking us up with a lot more stuff for our weekend! It was pretty awesome! (We left Corom’s brother’s house right when our van 1 started… Lots of driving around while they were running 😊.)

 We were now pushed for time… The traffic in California is always bad. Good thing we had a moderate bad traffic day (if that even makes sense). We arrived at the 1st major exchange and waited for van 1 to come in. We had legs (runners) 7-12. I was runner 10 (6.7, 8.3, & 13.01 miles).  

  This is where the real fun begins…  And I can honestly say, never a dull moment with Corom around. He really knows how to entertain and everyone that meets him loves him!!! If only I were a better writer, I would be able to give this weekend the greatness it deserves, but it really was a good time. Our team was hilarious, energetic and out going. 

 There were many laughs, jokes and pranks…  

 I did warn Ashley early on in this Ragnar adventure never to let Corom know what bathroom you would be in… Well as you can see, she made the mistake of letting him know. 😊 He did give it a little nudge just to let her know we were there… She said she nearly “peed her pants” because she realized what was going on. The poor other stall person… That lady tried to come out but was stuck, too. :/ We couldn’t stop laughing.  The running part was fun, too, I guess…  

 Really, in all honesty, the running part was a blast. It was so great going into this with no pressure and knowing it was for enjoyment. I did average a 6:40-6:45 pace for all 3 of my legs… It was faster than what I planned but I felt good!  

 I don’t think Corom ever put the megaphone down except for when he was running… He may even slept with it (poor Tifany and Ashley… I think they probably felt Corom was running with them the entire time with the megaphone in their ears).  Mike was able to scrounge food off of another Ragnar team and Garrett when he was behind the wheel had to burn out every time. πŸ™‚ We did get about a good 4 hours sleep total (8 p.m. to 10 p.m. And then from 4:30 a.m. to 6:30 a.m.). Throughout the race we had a little thing about what bottled water was better… I have never even thought about bottled water tasting different but apparently there is a difference. So of course we had a water tasting test…  

 Arrowhead won over the other (which I forgot what kind it was). We also felt really lousy about our team organization when we pulled in next to another teams van. :/  

 Now we will know what to do for next time! Really it was a fun trip. It was great hanging out with everyone and getting to know them better. The other Van was way cool even though we didn’t really hang out until the end. Always a good time.  

Tifany and Garrett were dropped off at the airport to fly their own plane back… Very tempted to hop in with them even though I hate flying. We met Ashley’s husband at In & Out in Sacramento, made the drop off (that would be Ashley) and headed to Corom’s brother’s house to pick up the girls. His brother and family had to leave for other engagements. So by 6:30 p.m. we were on the road back to Utah. A long drive back! Poor Mike… But he’s a pediatrician so he is used to it. πŸ™‚  

  The girls had a blast with their cousins! They didn’t want us to come back.  

 Christina and Jerom, Thank you! I know it was a crazy weekend for you guys! The girls had a blast! 

Sunday: We got home at around 6:30 a.m. Very long night and very tired! We have to get up in time to go to church… So another 2 hour sleep, awake by 8:30 and on our way by 10:45. It was the primary program today. I Love it when the kids do their program for sacrament meeting. It was great. Corom was able to sit with me and all our kids were on the stand. We went over to the Booth’s house for a little birthday celebration. Jason happy birthday!  

Monday: I went out and ran an easy 8 miles.  My legs were tired from the weekend, so a nice easy run felt good. The kids had to wear red to school today. It’s Red Ribbon week and the week is filled with fun activities and prizes (at their school).  

 The entire school came through and pledged to be drug free…  

 The kids thought this was pretty cool and to tell you the truth, so did I. πŸ™‚   We had CC practice today… Even though State is done and over with, we are still going to train until December for our Footlocker race. We will go back to the base building/maintenance with a few speed workouts.  

 We Headed up to a friends of ours for a Halloween family fun night. The Provosgardds put this party on every year and the kids love it. They played games, decorated cookies, had a piΓ±ata, a spook ally, dinner, etc.  

 And it was fun to hang out with all the adults. We had a great time. 

 I did leave a little bit early to go play another game of indoor soccer with my sister. I loved it!  My legs were so sore and tired but it’s all good! 

Tuesday: I ran an easy 8 1/2 miler. Once again, I’m glad it was an easy day. I couldn’t have run hard even if I wanted to. I was supposed to go 10 but I felt a sharp pain in my left leg above the knee. So I decided to cut it short and head back home. A little discouraging but before I start to worry about it, I will see how tomorrow and the next few days go. For red ribbon week, the kids dressed up in their favorite sports attire/team and then had an Internet safety assembly. My 2nd daughter was chosen for her dress attire (in her class) to come down for pictures. Then the kids decorated the fences with red cups saying “Drug Free”.  

 After school, there was no CC… The girls spent the afternoon playing and making messes. :/  

 We attempted to go to a haunted house tonight but it was closed. 😦 

Wednesday: I lost my watch so I went out for an hour and 20 min run. I felt better this morning but still felt a random pain… Not as bad though. So it was a good run. I’m having a hard time getting up to train, with it being so dark and cold and then running by myself. Can’t wait for time change! Today was crazy hair day at school! All morning, Corom and I did hair and used lots of hair spray…  

 My oldest wanted a bird’s nest… It turned out pretty good. She was sent to the office to get her picture taken this morning. My carpool and their hair do… The office ladies and their cute hair! 

 The kids were able to go through the fire trucks, ambulances and police cars today for Red Ribbon week. I went to the Beehive home (a retirement center) to go give a lesson, then out to lunch with a few friends. I had to babysit my friend’s kids so they came along with me.  

 At CC practice, the kids went on a hilly run…  

 And I took my 3 older girls to piano lessons and then the 2 younger girls went to the city’s little dance class (right after piano)…  

 It was a Burger King dinner tonight! I took the girls and a neighbor girl to the local Haunted House. It’s a fundraiser that the HS puts on every year. Very well put together and the kids clung to my legs the entire time.  

 I was bummed that Corom wasn’t able to be there with us but tonight is his late night. 

Thursday: I went on a solid hour and 15 min run. I felt good and pushed the pace. For school it was crazy socks and shoes day. My 3rd daughter was sent to the office for her crazy feet wear.  

 We also had a k9 cop assembly. I was only able to stay for the 1st few minutes but the kids loved it. What great officers we have… They took the time out of their schedule to come do this for us! Pretty cool assembly.  

 I had to skip out early to go to my orientation for the substitute teaching job. It was soo boring! But I got it over with.  

 I dragged my girls around with me after I sent the CC kids off on their run, to go run errands for our salem witches run 5k. This is our CC teams fundraiser… A fun little Halloween run.  

 They were troopers. Corom went to BYU right after work to pick up a couple of 15 year old Japanese boys that will be staying with us (well one is with us and the other is with my mother in law). We will have him for a week.  We went straight to Michelle and Ingrid’s house for dinner…  

 Then back to our house to get our student settled in. He brought us a beautiful picture frame from Japan as a gift. πŸ™‚  

 My kids were so tired! With all the excitement of the Japanese student coming… I think it wore them out!  

 Next post will be about our Halloween weekend! 


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  1. Ok, now I really want to do Ragnar and with you guys. Corom sounds like a blast! So glad you guys had a good time. I love the crazy hair. That birds nest is something else! When I leave my hair curly and wake up in the morning, I am pretty certain that is what I look like. Yikes!

    • Sorry to respond so late! It has been busy! We definitely need to do a Ragnar together. We would have so much fun!! Hope things are well.

  2. Ashley solis permalink

    Jen! It was such a fun weekend with you guys. The Ragnar adventure with your team was an absolute blast! I feel so privileged to be apart of it with you guys! Many many laughs were had. I told my husband all of Corom’s hysterical stories and he was laughing so hard! Corom’s one of a kind & you two are a great team. To see you run in real life was sorta a cool experience for me…. Haha, now I’m sounding cheesy. But, really your such an awesomely talented runner. And an even better person. It was way fun getting to know you better & I loved reliving the crazy Ragnar weekend thru your amazing blog. Keep it up friend πŸ™‚

    • I’m sorry it has taken me forever to respond back! Thank you for your kind words. It was a privilege running with you. Corom has always talked so highly of you and you truly are amazing. Beautiful inside and out. Now time for you guys to come out for a visit! πŸ™‚

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