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Halloween Fun, Baptism, Japanese Students & More

November 7, 2015

Friday October 30th: I went out for an easy 8 miles this morning. I was a little rushed this morning with getting the girls ready for school and all their Halloween “stuff”, getting our Japanese student off to BYU, and then getting myself ready (with all the Halloween classroom party supplies). I went to the school to do the last drawing for Red Ribbon week. Corom and I stuck around after the PTO stuff and watched our Kindergartener in her Halloween parade. So cute!  

 We went to her (my youngest) class soon after to help with her Halloween party.  

 Corom and I were able to run home and clean house before we returned back to the school. We helped in the other 3 girls classrooms as well. There was a time lapse between 2 of the classrooms so my mother in law came to help. 🙂  

 I was in charge of doing a craft (in each classroom), so I chose this along with making the ghost suckers.  

 For my oldest’s class, we did do the crafts along with a donut eating contest. 🙂 Of course we had their teacher, Corom and another dad show the kids how it was done. As you can see, Corom still has his megaphone in hand. :/  

We stuck around for the older grades parade…  One of the teachers announced she was expecting (her husband joined her in the fun, little parade). 

 As we were driving home, I noticed Corom was on the phone talking to people in the most annoying way… It never ends. 😉

 Our Japanese boys came back from BYU and we all hung out. (My mother in laws student is going to stay with us for a couple of days… They have more fun together.)  There English is not the greatest and my Japanese is not there at all. We used google translator… It was quit funny at times. For example, I asked them about dinner and the response Google have back from their answer, “I don’t mean to be a nuisance but I want to eat you for dinner.” It was fun with them… 

Saturday: Today is a big day for us. Lots going on! I got up at 4:45 a.m. to get my long run in. I couldn’t find my garmin and I didn’t have time to find it so I just ran for time (about 2 hours). I went straight to the HS to set up for the 5k race this morning, then ran home to get Corom, the girls and the 2 Japanese boys. No surprise here… Corom has his megaphone in hand giving out a cheer right before the race started…  

 My 2 older girls and Corom ran the 5k and the 2 Japanese boys, my 2 younger girls and I ran the mile race. It was a fun time!  

 We did have to hurry home and get everyone ready for my 8 year old (2nd daughter’s) baptism. She thought it was so cool that the day landed on Halloween. I went down to get the boys (to leave). I think their jet lag has set in!  

 We piled into the car and of course there was a wasp in there… I hate wasps!!! Terrified of them!  

 We met up with my sister and her family (my niece was getting baptized, too), my parents, brother and his family and my mother in law and her husband. It was so neat to see my daughter and niece get baptized and take those covenants. They are new members of the Church of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints.   

  It was a special time for our daughter. She is a sweetheart and always so caring for other’s needs!  We love her so much!  The boys from Japan thought it was “cool” and very different to see a baptism. We went back to my sister’s house and had a late lunch. Shortly after we left to go trick or treating. We went to our church’s “trunk or treat” first…  

 Went trick or treating around my neighborhood… Hit up another trunk or treat:  

 …and then got together with my parents, brother and his family and sister and her family and drove around to a different neighborhood on the good old bus. It was quite the fun times! The 2 boys from Japan loved it. (Well one did and the other didn’t know what to think. :))  

 Corom did hit a plum tree and broke it in half, when he was backing the bus up. :/ Of course it had to be a sheriff’s and a sheriff that he works with. Out walked the sheriff’s brother in law and it was a guy that served a LDS mission with Corom (in Costa Rica)… What are the odds!  

 But not surprising either… Almost expected with Corom. Halloween just got expensive with how much we will have to pay for a tree. But at least We came home with a lot of candy!!!  

 A friend of ours came over (the Lambs), for scones and hanging out. They have a Japanese student and the boys wanted to get together to play pool and eat.  

 It was a great day! The best part being with our 8 year old and her baptism. 

Sunday: The girls and I hung out with the boys before church started (Corom was at a meeting)… Then Sarah (my mother in law) picked them up after her ward was over and took them up the canyon for a little hike. We went to church… After we got home, Sarah dropped the boys off and we met up with 8 other families at the park also hosting boys from Japan.  

Monday: I went out on a 10 mile run. I felt good this morning and not knowing my pace due to losing my garmin, I think I pushed the pace, but who knows? 😉 The boys went to the local junior high this morning and then I had our PTO meeting right after school started… It’s always fun hanging out with other parents/teachers/school staff. There was an assembly for the kids today. It was a group of students that jump ropes professionally. It was really entertaining!!!  

 The girls and I headed off to cross country practice…  

 We went to Corom’s moms house for dinner, then went to our friends house, the Carter’s, for hot chocolate & cinnamon rolls.  

 Putting the girls to bed was quite the experience for Corom. What a trooper. The Japanese students fell asleep early tonight! They were so tired. 

Tuesday: I had another 10 mile run this morning. I didn’t feel as good as yesterday but I still got it in. Corom left early to take the boys back to BYU. And I got the girls ready and drop or then off at school. I did go into my 3rd daughter’s class for her spotlight. She is so dang cute and I adore her teacher! All my girls have excellent teachers.  

 The rest of the day was pretty low key. The girls played with friends after school and then the normal homework, dinner, bedtime routine. I did go to the movies with some ladies in the neighborhood. It was nice to go do something. I came a little after our Japan student… And the 3 of us hung out for a while. 

Wednesday November 4th: We all got up early to hang out with Takashi and Haruto (our Japanese boys)… They are leaving this morning (flying to San Fransico) so we wanted to be ready and say our goodbyes.  

 At least when we took the “family” photo, the boys had a good smile. 

 We said our goodbyes and then Corom took them to BYU to meet up with all the other students. After I dropped the girls off at school, I went on my 12 mile speed run. This one was so mentally hard!!! I hit my marks on the 10 x 1000’s and even ran faster on the majority of them. But I did stop after 8 and sat there for a minute wondering what I was doing and why I was training. I wanted to just run home and call it good. But I knew if I didn’t finish, I would regret it… So I finished the workout and the 12 miles. I was grateful that I did but I really struggled. :/ We will see how the rest of the week goes. I was able to clean house and run errands today… Then it was the busy Wednesday! Cross country practice… 

 Activity days for the 2 older girls, piano lessons right after for the 3 older girls, dinner, then dance for the 2 younger girls.  

 Wednesday’s are crazy but it’s how I am. The girls went to bed early and I went and played bunko with some friends. (Corom fell asleep with the girls too at 7. :)) Fun times…

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  1. Corom makes a lovely cheer leader. So funny. And of course he hit the sherrif’s tree! I love that he carries that mega phone all around and the phone with the mega phone is a nice touch. Halloween with your family looks like so much fun and I might have to steal that skeleton craft idea for our classes next year. What a brilliant idea! Congrats to your daughter on her baptism. I always cry at baptisms for some reason. I think it is so special 🙂

    • I bet Rock wants to wear the cheerleaders outfit next year! And I would be happy to send the megaphone with it! The baptism was a special time! Thank you.

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