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Kids, School, CC & Play! 

November 26, 2015

Friday the 13th: I went out for a 8 mile run. My legs are achy and tired! I’m still trying to decide if I can physically and mentally race CIM up to level I want to race at. Some days I think I can but the others, I just feel… tired. I did go into the school for PTO stuff for awhile and then headed to the Clarion Event Center to help Rebecca cater a wedding. 

  Corom had today off so he took our youngest out on their one on one. A cute little bike ride to the grocery store for ice cream…  

 I picked the other 3 up from school and then my 3rd child and I went on our one on one. We, too, went to the grocery store for a treat and grocery shopping…   

   I took my oldest and her friend to the library for a little while… 

  We headed over to my nieces 2 year birthday party. Always fun hanging out with family! 

 Corom helped a friend out building their house as I went to bed. :/ He didn’t get back until 6 a.m. I don’t know how the guys can pull all nighters!  

Saturday (14th): Today I had a 20 miler with 2 x 5 miles at a 6:15-6:25 pace. I felt good for the 7 miles before the tempo and even for the 1st 3 miles in the tempo (that’s because it was downhill) but the last 2 miles of the 1st set my legs were achy… Maybe because I went to flat and slight uphill for those 2 miles. I still held onto a 6:15 for those 2 (the 1st 3 were about a 6:05 average). My recovery 2 miles in between we’re back up a steep hill. I once again used the downhill to help me with my tempo run. I was tired! I ran 4 miles at the tempo pace (about a 6:10-6:14) then cooled down the rest. It was a tough run. I had no water and took 3 shot blocks. The girls played on our stairs with their new mattress (thanks Corom for finding a free baby mattress on the Internet somewhere).  And the girls and neighbor kids had fun in the backyard with the fire… 

 I worked at the clarion again for a few hours today for another wedding…  

 Then Corom and I got a babysitter and went out with our friends (The Cooks). We had so much fun! We have not gone out on a date for awhile and bowling for that matter…  

 We ended up at an ice cream place and meeting some “under ground gamer” people. It was very interesting. But we had a fun time on our date. 

Sunday (15th): Church was a little rough… The girls were a little more restless than usual. :/ And with Corom on the stand… It stank! I was glad when it was time to go to our classes. 🙂 We went to the Clarion for dinner today. Rebecca & Rick had left over food from yesterday’s event so we decided to do dinner together. Sophie, their daughter, played a lot with my kids… Bless her heart! She was a trooper.   

 Corom and Rick started to work on something but I left with the girls to get them ready for bed… My 3rd took my phone. 🙂   

Monday (16th): I went out for a 10 mile easy run. Still not feeling fresh but I got it done. My youngest and I went to Corom’s work for lunch at the jail. The inmates make all the employees (guards, sheriffs, receptionists, therapists, etc) lunch. (I’m not aloud to take pictures in the jail but I was able to in Corom’s office.) 😊 My youngest and I went to his office to hang out for a bit…   

 Then it was home for us… Clean up, pick up kids and off to CC practice. It made the other coach and I laugh when we saw one of the kids talking on his cell phone and another kid was wearing just shorts and a tshirt on a freezing day. Pretty entertaining…  

Then we had 5 young families come over for dinner. We had a fun time getting to know each other. My kids did a family home evening message for everyone. We talked about the God Head. I think my 2 younger girls were more confused when my oldest finished the lesson. It was rather entertaining!  

 Tuesday 17th: I had an easy 10 miler this morning. I met up with Beth for 7 miles of it and that was great. It does make it easier to run with someone, so thanks Beth! It snowed  during our run and throughout the morning. The kids loved it!  

 I was able to meet up with some good friends of mine for lunch. We have not gotten together in so long. It was fun to hear what everyone has been up to. (Corom did come to pick up Danica and hung out for a little while.)  

 The girls came home from school and were excited to see their rooms all switched around… We put their desks in one room. So now it is their homework room. They loved it!  I loved it; They did their homework. 

 We went to our cross country banquet. It was a nice catered dinner from the clarion event center. The banquet was great. Good kids! We had a good size group earn lettering points and awards.  Our kids had fun with the clean up. 

 We came home and put the girls to bed (they are all now sharing a room). We are reading Harry Potter right now so it will be nice to read with them all in their beds…  

Wednesday 18th: I had a speed workout this morning. It went lousy!! I could not hit my marks. Ugh! I was supposed to run 12 with a workout of 6 x 1 miles at a 6:10 pace with a 1 minute recovery… Well I think I ran 11 total and turned it into a fartlek. I had no energy to run the full mile at that time. Not a good confidence booster at all today! I talked with my coach and he told me to take tomorrow off. I was relieved to hear that. I helped at the school today for PTO stuff and then cleaned house. The girls and I had CC practice, Activity Days, piano lessons, the city dance class and then I had my RS meetings/visits. Not that much at all! 😉 Wednesday’s are my busy days! Corom did have a random drug test today… I guess working at the jail comes with perks. 😆

Thursday 19th: I was able to sleep in (for just a little bit), but it was nice not having to go out and run. I needed the break. I worked in my daughter’s kindergarten class.  

 For CC, we took the HS kids to a park with some good hills. My kids love when we take the HS kids to do this workout. They get to play on the playground there and they join in on their workout.  

 Shortly after I fed the kids (and Corom), I went to a nice dinner for the RS ladies and neighbors. 

Friday 20th: I went out for an easy 8 mile run. It was nice having yesterday off. My legs did feel a little more refreshed. We had Thank-o- grams for a little PTO fundraiser  

 And then we had a jump roping activity for all the kids at school. Each grade level came at a different time. It was so much fun! As you can see… Corom had a little fun (we actually did a little double Dutch together). Good times!  

 I had to work at the Clarion Event Center for a wedding today. I found out it was for a kid that was on the track team. It was fun to see him and his new wife!  

 In the evening we got a babysitter and Corom and I took a group around on the bus for Sadie Hakins. Corom is too funny!  


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  1. Rock loves bowling. He is always begging me to go bowling with him. I am terrible at it. I once bowled a 23 for the whole game! I worry about Mary in church. Rock and I had to take a class last week to prepare for her christening and there was this pamphlet they gave us on how to have your children behave in church. It made me nervous (and it annoyed Rock that the church was telling us what to do with our children in church). I remember being so restless as a kid too! I love what you did with the girl’s homework room. What a great way to make doing homework a little bit more exciting!

    • Yeah I thought I was bad but Sarah I think you have me beat. A 23… That made me laugh! I don’t know if a pamphlet (or any type of guidance) would help me with my kids behaving in church. I think everyone is used to my kids though. :/ So far the homework room has worked but it’s only been a week. Cross your fingers! 🙂

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