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Birthday parties, Soccer, Family, Thanksgiving, 1/2 Marathon & More! 

November 29, 2015

Saturday 21st: I didn’t have time to go on my run this morning so I had to wait until 3 p.m. :/ It was a busy morning. We had both our girls birthday parties today. (My 3rd daughter’s from 10-11:30 and my 2nd daughter’s from 1-2:30. We invited all the girls in their entire grade, so it was a little busy today! But all the kids had fun. This one is my 1st graders…  

   And this was my 2nd graders:  
   I was really tired after the 2 parties but I still had to go on my 17 mile run. :/ So off I went around 3 p.m. I was supposed to run the last 6 miles starting at 6:30 pace and then going faster for each mile. Well, I had a pretty good pace the entire run (about a 7-7:15) and waited to tempo the last couple of miles. I was tired! Corom and the girls put the lights up while I was out running…  
 I had a mile to go by the time I got home so I had the girls (and dogs) join me…  

 I had to work at the clarion for a couple of hours (and Corom and the girls went hot tubing at the Fullmers)… I went hot tubing after I got home from the Clarion. It was so nice.

It was bed time shortly after that! 

Sunday 22nd: Church day! The girls got ready with plenty of time to spare. They were being cute!  

   Church was good and the girls were good. We had 3 families over for dinner (a last minute thing) but that is how we roll. We had a great time! After everyone left, Corom and I put the kids to bed and cleaned house. My sister and her family are coming in to town tomorrow (from Washington). We are excited. 
Monday 23rd: I went out for a easy 8 mile run. I met up with Beth for a couple of miles. It was nice even for those 2 miles! The girls and I helped with the Thank-o-grams before school started. This is a fun fundraiser for all the kids. My girls were a big help.  

 I was so tired today that I went down for a 20 min nap that turned into an hour!  It felt great. Corom snuck in a pic. I wish I could take naps every day. 🙂 

 I did head off to CC practice after we picked the girls up from school…  

 Corom and the girls came with me to my indoor soccer game… They played a little game before ours started. (My 2nd daughter wore a sweet bunny outfit.)  

 Then my sister, sister in law, and friends played our game.  The girls stayed up way late tonight waiting for their cousins to come in. Then they stayed up even later hanging out! School will be interesting tomorrow.  

Tuesday: It was quite the morning. I went to the school to help out with the PTO Thank-o-grams while my kids slowly got ready for school.  

 They wanted to stay home to hang out with cousins but they wanted to go to school because of the Thanksgiving “activities”. So I let the girls stay home during learning time and then brought them to school for their little celebration. Yep that makes perfect sense. 🙂 I helped in my daughter’s kindergarten class.  

 Corom, our youngest and I took my sister, Trina & Gary and their family to the Bean museum at BYU.  

 We hurried back to the elementary school to go to the Turkey assembly. My oldest was in the turkey strut/call contest. She was cute to watch. She ended up winning the strut for her grade. She was pretty excited!  

 At home the cousins just played!! It was lots of chaos and lots of fun! 

 All the kids put on a fashion show… It could have lasted a lot longer than what it did but after almost 2 hours of a fashion show, the adults were done. So cute, though. The girls room was a total wreck with every dress and outfit on the floor. But it sure was entertaining. 
 My sisters and I had a “worm” race and then all the kids tried it. We would always try to see who could do the worm better. Some pretty good laughs. 

 A very late night for all of us! 

Wednesday 25th: I slept in until 7 and helped all the kids get breakfast and ready for the day… With 12 kids in the house it was quit the process. My sisters and sister in law went out shopping while I went out for my 10 mile speed workout run. :/ Today was a hard day to do speed… It was very windy! I turned my run into a fartlek run because of the wind. I tried to do my 1st 800 and when I ran against the wind I felt like it was impossible. I did 10 x 1 to 3 minutes hard. The majority of them I had the wind against my back. I was glad to get that workout done. We (all the kids, Corom, my brother & brother in law) met up with my sisters at In-N-Out. That was quit the experience, too. The kids were actually really good there.  

 The girls (sisters) and I did a little bit more shopping for Corom’s birthday (tomorrow). I don’t like shopping but it was actually fun with them! Dinner was always a process this week but we had a nice system with all the kids.  

 We had them work on little projects (rubber band balls, etc),they played more, built forts and then eventually went to bed… Kind of! 

Thursday 26th: Thanksgiving and Corom’s birthday!!  

 I actually went and paced a Thankful 13 half marathon early this morning. I had to get a 12 mile run in (so what was 1 more mile)… My friend wasn’t able to pace it and last night I told her I would do it for her. It was freezing this morning!!! My partner that was pacing with me had to drop out at around mile 8 or 9 due to stomach issues. It was fun and I had a pretty good sized group with me.  

I had the 1:40 time (a 7:38 mile pace). I came in at 1:39:59.6. 😉 It was a perfect training run and the time went by fast. I took off right when I finished to meet up with Corom and the rest of the gang. We were meeting up at the indoor soccer fields.  
We played for an hour and a half. Kids and adults… So much fun with everyone! Some of my cousins showed up with their kids.We would trade off where the adults would play “competitive” for 10 min and then play with the kids for 10 min… Lots of fun!  

 The kids didn’t want to leave but we had to get back to get the turkey going!We had another family over for Thanksgiving dinner (the Halls) along with my 2 sisters and their families and my brother and his family. It was so awesome being together! I truly was grateful to be with them. 

 We of course had pie, brownies and cake for Corom’s birthday. Quite the celebration!  

 As Corom was opening gifts (a little later) I was warned that a surprise was coming for him. We sent the kids downstairs and put a movie on. Corom had a friend show up with a nice little song. 😂 He left shortly after that but it was funny!  

 My brother, 2 sisters, brother in law and Corom went and experienced our 1st Black Friday (well now it’s thanksgiving day). We were there for about 20 min and then headed home. It’s weird to say that I was excited to see the huge hype of the shopping and great deals but lost it pretty quickly. So many people out getting everything they could. Too much. We messed around and Corom was pretty funny but like I said we came home shortly after.  

That was the 1st and last time with that experience. But It was a great day with family and friends! Good times and good memories! We stayed up so late again and the kids probably stayed up even later. :/ 

Friday 27th: I had a free day of no running. It was nice to be able to get up and not be stressed of when to get my run in. We all went to the discounted movies (watched Pan)…  

 … We headed straight to my nephew’s soccer game (the kids played on the little field while we watched the game).  

Then went to my sister, Missy’s house for the rest of the day (well the next couple of days). Our aunt Georgia came over, Uncle Mark and a couple of his kids Tracy & Rich, Christian (& his kids) to hang out.  
It was a fun night of hanging out with family. We don’t get together often enough!   After everyone left and all the cousin were settled down for the night (kind of), the boys decided to go hot tubing at the community hot tub. Us girls didn’t want to go because it was 15 degrees out. :/  (My aunt did go with them… She’s a trooper!) 

 I tried to go to bed somewhat at a decent hour… I think a little after 11. I have a 14 miler with speed tomorrow… 

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  1. Haha, there is so much awesomeness here. First of all, I can’t believe you did back to back birthday parties for the girls and then managed a long run after that. But I do love that you invited the whole class. I am a huge fan of naps and wish they were part of our day everyday! Happy birthday to Corom!

    • Thanks Sarah! It was a hard run (the entire time). 🙂 Corom had a good birthday! He says thank you.

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