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December 3, 2015

Saturday 28th: I was a little lazy getting out the door for my run. All my girls were playing with cousins, my sisters, Corom, in laws were hanging out eating breakfast and I couldn’t eat yet because I had to get my run in. I stepped out the door and the roads were awesome! 😉  

 My plan today was to run a 14 miler with 5 x 1 miles no faster than a 6 min pace. Umm… This is going to be a hard one with how slippery and icy the roads are. I soon found out that I had to alter my workout… Every time I hit a good section in the road I began my “mile”… The 1st one I actually ran 1.7 miles before the road turned bad, 2nd I ran 1.8 and the 3rd I ran just 1 mile. All of them about a 6-6:05 pace. It was not the most ideal running conditions but I got it in. And I finished the 14 miles. I felt like I was running in sand a lot of the time due to some of the snow conditions, so it was quite the workout today.    

 I came home to see that my youngest was contained…   

 The cousins were all playing and having a great time!   

  We took all the kids to the heated (hot springs) swimming pool. The dads stayed while U.S. Girls went shopping. It’s says a lot about swimming (in the cold) when I would rather go shopping.   

 There were times when they would get really sad when they knew their time was running out…. The cousins were leaving way early Sunday morning so after dinner we had to say our goodbyes. 😦  

 It has been a fun, fun week! The girls fell asleep so fast tonight! 

Sunday 29th: Everyone was a little tired and grumpy this morning but not as bad as I thought it would be. Corom had meetings this morning and then we traded and I went to my meeting. He prepared a talk (he has to give a talk in Sacrament meeting) and then I helped my youngest with a short talk she has to give in primary. (This was her talk: I know that my Redeemer lives and loves me and all of us. He shows his love for us by giving us a gift… A powerful gift and that gift is prayer. Jesus wants us to talk with him all the time. With prayer, we can talk with him whenever we want. We are never alone. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.) Short and to the point (she is 5 and did a great job). Corom and I also gave the 5th Sunday lesson in primary. We accidentally made a little boy cry but other than that it went well. 😉  

 We had dinner and celebrated Corom’s bday up at the Fullmers…   

Monday 30th: It is taper week! 🙂 I had an easy 6 miler. Oh that was nice! I slept in until 6 and it felt great. When I stepped outside it was only 12 degrees out. It is getting so cold! The rest of the week is supposed to be the same. I quickly got ready and helped with what the girls needed help with… Corom left for work and I left to go to the girl’s school. I am subbing today for my daughter’s kindergarten class. 😋 I am excited.   

  It is fun because each of my girls come in for a quick visit. One more than the others (my 3rd) but I look forward to seeing them. I had CC practice today… The kids went on an easy 6 mile run. It was crisp out today for them…  

 We had family night and then all of us went to my indoor soccer game. We lost really bad but it was fun playing! (I think the score was 15 to 6.) We were a bunch of old ladies playing against young recently graduated girls. It was tough but way fun!  

 Yes I am warming up… I’m old and am afraid to pull anything! 😁 I read to the girls on the way home (the Harry Potter book). They love it. They were quiet so that was nice. It was straight to bed when we got home! 

Tuesday Dec 1st: It is December already! I actually really love the month of December. Well I went out on an 8 mile run. Half of it with Mac and the other half with Amber. It was nice to run with people. 🙂 I worked at the Clarion Event Center for a little while this morning…   

After picking up my kindergartener we went home and cleaned and packed. (Corom and I are going to California for the weekend-leaving Thursday.) A really fun, cute couple is watching our kids. We had a cc meeting/practice today (went over our CC California trip). Our 1st activity for December was decorating the house. 😊 It turned into a quick mess but the kids had fun!  

 Amber and Rachelle stopped by to hang out for a bit. Always great to see them and hear their encouraging words! 

Wednesday 2nd: I had a short speed workout this morning. 8 miles total and I ran 2 x 1 mile at race pace. I was supposed to do 4 x 1200’s at a 6 min pace but when I went out running I could not remember the workout so I did this one. :/ I ended up running a 5:55 the 1st mile and a 5:51 the 2nd. Yep… I’m still very tired. But we will see how this race goes. I’m not stressed or nervous for this one. I don’t know if that is a good thing or not. 😁 After I dropped the girls off at school, I went and worked at the Clarion again. I peeled a little over 50 lbs of carrots. My arms were actually getting a good workout. It goes to show I am week in the arms.  

 Rebecca made a stuffed salmon dish and I am so sad I was not around to work the actual event! It would have been yummy. I ditched out on CC practice today because I had to get ready for tomorrow… The 2 older girls went to activity days, then the 3 older girls went to piano, then the 2 younger girls went to the city dance class. We put the Christmas tree up for our Christmas activity. Busy! Busy! We are leaving for California early in the morning. 

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  1. I cannot wait until Mary is old enough to decorate the house. Rock thinks I buy too much Christmas stuff, but I just can’t help it. I love this time of year. Minus the snow! I know what you mean about feeling like you are running in sand. My hamstrings and groin always ache after my first run in the snow. Hope you are feeling good. Enjoy your taper!

    • Yes my groin always aches after those types of runs! I’m feeling ok. Being realistic here… I will be fighting to even hit a PR. My legs are tired but maybe on race day I will be feeling great. 🙂 you will love it when Mary is able to help you decorate. It is fun when they are older.

  2. Ashley permalink

    I finally convinced my running partner to read your blog for running inspiration. I’m glad I did! She’s the one who told me you’re coming to Cali !!! Good luck on the race! You’re gunna squash it, girlfriend:) I’m hoping to get out to the course to scream your name. I’ll text Corom to see where he’s at. Church starts at 9, so it might be tricky :/

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