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California Trip With The Cross Country Team

December 6, 2015

Thursday 3rd: I had to get up really early (4:50 a.m.) to go for a run. I was able to get in 4 miles… I am supposed to run 8 today so when we get into California tonight we will take the HS kids on a run. We spent the morning with the girls (and the babysitter) before we left. It was hard for us to say goodbye. The girls were excited for us to leave… 😀 We left on our trip to California…  

 Surprisingly, the bus ride was not too bad! It was fun talking with the other coaches/chaperones and messing with the HS kids (we did combine with another school to fill the bus up). Corom did get in trouble a couple of times when we made a stop for lunch. But somehow him and the security guard ended laughing, joking around and shaking hands. I don’t know how he does it!  It was for climbing the tower things… 

 We arrived shortly after 4 p.m. We quickly dropped our stuff off in our hotel rooms and then went out for our “adventure Corom” run. This run is what the kids look forward to every year.    He took them running on shipping containers, walls, parking garages, climbing over walls, jumping through holes, jumping over him, pushing shopping carts and finished off with Christmas caroling at a few random houses. (Some people answered and some shit their lights off as we approached… But I don’t blame them 😉.) Quite the fun run. 
 The adults went out to dinner, hung out, we did bed checks, then went to bed ourselves. 

Friday 4th: I didn’t have to run at all today, so coach Thompson took the kids around on the course while, Corom, Thompson’s wife and I hung out in the registration line. It was a 2 hour wait but we finally got all the kids their bib numbers.  

 It was off to Huntington Beach… Almost everyone got into the water…

 For the ones that didn’t (me, Marti, and 2 other moms) went and looked around at the little booths set up with things to buy. Shortly after we all went out to lunch. It was beautiful today!  

 Back at the hotel, we went Christmas shopping (The Thompson’s, Corom and I) and then went to Marie Calendars for dinner. Early bed checks for the kids (9:30) and then bedtime for me (well like an hour and a half later). Corom was putting some music together for me and it took longer than what we thought. My 2nd daughter’s teacher sent me a picture of her. 🙂  

 I loved it! The girls are having a fun time with the couple that is staying at our house! 

Saturday 5th: I ran 5 1/2 miles with strides…  

…all while cheering the HS kids on in the Footlocker race. They all ran so well today! I’m glad I was there for as long as I could be. I was proud of the kids! Our top female (who excepted BYU’s offer to come run for them) finished in the top 3. But like I said… They all ran well.  

 Corom and I took off and drove up to Sacramento for the CIM marathon. It took us about 6 hours to get there. We made it just in time for the Elite meeting and for “snacks” that they serve to the elite runners. I had to laugh because I still feel out of my league in there… But there was so much food!  

 It was so fun to finally meet my coach. He lives in Phoenix, so we’ve been communicating through phone and email. He has been great!! Corom and I left shortly after the meeting and headed to his brother’s house. We hung out with the family. It was a nice, relaxing night. My nieces and I watched a movie (I feel asleep in the middle of it). :/ I’m such a grandma!  

 This race has been different for me. I’m not nervous at all and I’m going into this with no expectations. I don’t know if that is a good thing or a bad thing. I know that the odds are against me, with peaking twice in less than 2 months… And running tired for the last little while, but I need to do this race for me. No matter the outcome I will never have to wonder what if… We will see how it goes… 

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  1. So cool that you got to meet your coach! And a room full of free food?! Perfection.

    • It was perfection! And it was great meeting my coach. He was everywhere on the course. It helped tons.

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