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Not Much… Just The Usual…

January 16, 2016

Saturday Jan 9th: I went out for an easy 10 mile run today and then did the normal Saturday chore routine. Corom and Mike Fullmer hiked up some mountain and snowboarded down. Later Corom and our 2 older girls went on a daddy daughter Western date for Activity Days.  It was dinner and line dancing.

 The 2 younger girls and I went to the Chase’s house for dinner and then to the church to play Spike Ball  with many others. Corom and Travis were a little into the game with their matching outfits and all.

 Jeff had a little owie, so Corom and Travis took care of it… It was actually a big splinter.  But they seriously are the biggest dorks! 

 The girls watched a movie at Suzie’s house…  

 And then it was bed time… A very late night! I actually started to prepare a talk I had to give in Sacrament meeting. The person that was supposed to give it became ill tonight, so I said I would fill in. It made for a late night. 

Sunday Jan 10th: This morning went very smooth. The girls got ready, I had my RS meeting, finished my talk and then we headed off to church. I was so nervous but I got it done. My talk was on the conference talk in October (2015). Meeting the Challenges of Today’s World – Robert D. Hales. We had a few families over for dinner and then the girls had a little funeral for a little gum wrapper animal they made early that was stepped on. 

Monday Jan 11th: I dropped the girls and neighbor kids off at school and then went on an 8 mile run. It felt great. Later that day I went to track practice and sent the kids off on a run. We had a coaches meeting shorty after with a dinner before the meeting.  

 Corom and the girls went to the church tonight to clean (it is our blocks turn this week)… I feel a little bad not being able to help. 😉 

Tuesday Jan 12th: Once the kids were dropped off at school, I went on a 3 mile moderate to hard pace to the local gym. I did the insanity workout there (about 23 minutes total) and then ran an additional 6 1/2 miles. The insanity kicked my butt. My arms were so sore! It was a typical afternoon after I picked up my kindergartener… And then we headed for track practice (after I picked up all my kids).  

 We had a family over for dinner, Corom headed off to church meetings and then I went out after Corom got home and the girls were asleep, to watch the bachelor at a friends house. Good times! 

Wednesday Jan 13th: I actually didn’t get a run in today. :/ It was so busy! I worked in my 2nd daughter’s classroom…  

 …my kindergartener and I went to a play date with some other moms and kindergarteners…  

 I picked the girls up from school and a few other kids came with. The girls had piano lessons, and then I picked up a babysitter (Corom had to work late) and headed off to the Payson Temple to do a session with Camille and Stephanie. I was so glad I made the time to go. I needed it! 

Thursday Jan 14th: I dropped the kids off at school, then went on a 3 mile run. I ran to the gym and did another insanity workout. It was so good in such a hard way.  

 I have no upper body strength! It was another 23-25 min workout. Once that was done I went back out to finish off another 4 miles. My arms were seriously so tired! I did cut my run short to hurry home. I got ready very quickly and ran to the school to help in my kindergartener’s class.  

 We did go to parent/teacher/child conference. My girls’ teachers are so great. It is always nice talking with them.  

 I ran over to track practice, sent them off on a 5 1/2 mile run and then had them do a insanity workout.  It was tough. 

  I took the girls to gymnastics…  

 Then headed over to the school for the teachers dinner. The PTO provides the teachers dinner during SEP conferences. (My kids grabbed their 2nd dinner after gymnastics.)  

 Corom and I packed after the kids went to bed… We are leaving for California in the morning. 

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  1. I have heard such awesome things about Insanity. It seriously scares me though! I’d love to hear what you think if you continue.

    • I really really enjoy it! I can’t go this week because I’m subbing the days I’m usually able to go to the class. But I am sore after (I’ve only been there 3 times though). 😉

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