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California Trip & Fun 

January 19, 2016

Friday Jan 15th: Well we finally left our home around 7. We were hoping to be out by 6 a.m. but accidentally slept in. By the time we actually left Orem area it was a little after 8. :/ Corom had to make a few stops for the best gas prices and to get oil, etc. The drive there was uneventful (well some fighting between the girls…) but went by rather fast. Corom did make me a little nervous with his driving, especially when he was eating a cinnamon roll…   

We got to their house in Sacramento around 4:30 p.m. My girls were so excited to see their cousins! I felt bad because it was probably a little overwhelming. 🙂 But they had fun!  

 The older kids and adults watched the movie “The Visit”. It was a good “scary” movie. The girls went to bed and of course all wanted to sleep with their cousins… So my 3 older girls slept in with their one cousin (she is 9… Just 5 days older than my oldest) and my youngest slept with her other cousin (they are a day apart).  

Saturday Jan 16th: I went out for a 6 mile run in the rain. I loved it! And then it was a day of playing,  

catching frogs & more lizards,  

 riding horses (which I absolutely loved… My niece and I rode around for a little while before the other kids came running over. She was a pro, me… Not so much)…  

 My 9 year old niece was so good on her horse. It was fun to watch them! 
 M My sister in law, Vanessa, came over with her 4 kids (Corom’s brother’s wife). We started a bonfire (well Corom and his brother Jarom did)…  

 The kids played more…  

 Painted inside a house that is going to be knocked down in a month or so… 

   And just hung out at the house… 
  Taking pictures…. 😉  The cousins had fun and I had a great time being able to visit with my sister in laws. 

Sunday Jan 17th: Everyone hung out and had a nice, inside lazy rainy day. We did go to church and then came home and played card games, watched a movies, made food/snacks, etc. 

 I’m so sad that we have to leave in the morning. The girls had so much fun… Probably a bit much at times but what do you do? 😉  Right Christina? 😀

Monday Jan 18: We packed everything up in the morning and in no hurry said our goodbyes…  

 We began our wonderful drive back home. All I will say is that 70% of the time, we could tell the girls were tired from a long, late night weekend. The other 30% of the time it was a pleasant drive. We stopped at good old McDonald’s for dinner and then a little while later stopped at another McDonald’s for ice cream cones. 🙂  (Our van was too big to go through the drive thru so Corom walked through it.) 

 We got in around 8 p.m. and Megan and I went straight on a visit to a good friend who lost a loved one. Corom was great to get all the kids in bed while I ran out. 

Tuesday Jan 19th: I actually got up at 5:15 to go out for a 7 1/2 mile run with Beth. It felt good. I subbed in the other kindergarten class (not my daughters)… This was a full day assignment. She teaches 2 classes. It was so fun to have my kids come visit all day. It was also fun to see my kindergartener as we sometimes did things with the other class.  

 Corom had a half day so he picked up our youngest (after school lunch) and right before the 2nd class started. It was fun subbing but there are some kids that really make you tired! I headed to track practice… My youngest and her friend came with me and the older kids wanted to go home with dad.  

 After dinner, Megan and I went on RS visits, Corom then went to his church meetings and to YM’s (they toured the jail), and then I watched the bachelor with a few friends. 😊 Time for bed! 

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