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A Weeks Worth-Ice Skating, Track, School & Life! 

February 3, 2016

Wednesday Jan 27th: I went out for an 7 or 8 mile run, took the kids to school, then went to an insanity class at the gym. It was a good workout.   

 For a play date, my youngest and I met up with some friends at Carl’s Jr. We let the kids play for a while.  It was nice to visit and the kids had fun. 

  The girls came home and just did their normal stuff… I love it! 

 They had piano, then I had a sitter come over while I went out on RS visits. Corom worked late tonight. 

Thursday Jan 28th: I went out on a 7 mile run this morning. It felt good after about the 4th mile. I hung out at the elementary school all morning and into the early afternoon for a Zumba day (the PTO put on). I didn’t do all the routines but I did a lot of them. I was tired!  But the kids loved it!!! 

 I did skip out for a little while to help in my kindergartener’s class.  

 For track, we started inside, then finished with the run and strides outside. It was a fun run for these kids.  

 The girls had gymnastic… They are loving it!!  

Friday Jan 29th: I went out for an 7-8 mile run and then came home to wake the household up. I took all the kids (my kids and neighbor kids) to school and stayed to help with an assembly.  

 I left shortly after to go work at The Clarion Event Center.  

 I went straight from that to grab the girls from school and we all headed up to the Olympic Oval (a skating rink with a track around it) for an indoor track meet. The track is longer than a 400 (425 I believe). So we watched the HS kids race on the outside of the skating rink,  

and then while we were ice skating.  

Sarah… I thought of you while my kids were skating around. They picked it up so fast… Me not so much.  

 It was a late track meet; the girls and I didn’t get home until 10:45. Corom went on a scout camp out. I was going to have a babysitter come but decided against it. I was going to be paying a babysitter $40 so I decided to pay $40 on ice skating. 😉 Good memories and the girls loved it! 

Saturday Jan 30th: Ugh… I didn’t get a run in. With Corom being gone for a good part of the day, I just never got around to it. :/ We spent the day cleaning and lounging around. We had a few people over for a movie night. My kids made some desserts, and then the kids watched a movie upstairs and the adults downstairs.  

Sunday Jan 31st: We went to church today. The girls were good. We had 3 older couples over for dinner. It was very pleasant and great company! 

Monday Feb 1st: I went out for a 6 mile slow, slow run. It felt like I was running on sand. We had a great amount of snow. I absolutely loved it and it has been a while since I’ve really enjoyed running!  I’ve been struggling mentally on having to get up and out there in the cold, but this morning was nice. 

  I went to head up the PTO/PTA meeting and then straight to my kindergartener’s classroom to help with the 100th day activity. 

 My oldest went to some robotics class after school and the 3 younger girls and I went to track.  

 I visited a really good friend of mine (with the RS presidency)… Her dad passed away. We are so sad for her. We did have a nice visit. Corom took the girls to a few neighbors homes to help shovel off their driveway while I was gone. We met up and had our family home evening and talked of Service. 

Tuesday Feb 2nd: Once again I slept in and didn’t go out for a run. I hate it but what do you do?? :/ I did sub in the kindergarten class (not my daughter’s but the other one). It was a little tough today. The kids were hyper for some reason but it’s all good.  I played games with them accordingly. 🙂 Good old Simon Says. 

 We (my kindergartener and I) hung out in the lunch room for a little while before heading home.  

 Corom came home early from work so I went to track alone. They ran a 6 mile run with a little bit of speed, then did a 20-30 min insanity workout.  

 That evening, Corom had church meetings and I went out VTing. I stopped off at a friend’s house for a “cleaning/cloth” party for a few minutes but then it was back to the house and the bedtime routine. 

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  1. Oh my goodness, I so wish I was there to skate with you guys. I would have you all cruising around and doing tricks 😉 That looks like so much fun. Rock’s cousins were elite Olympic level racers and competed there many times. Zumba looks so fun but I am a horrible dancer and have no sense of rhythm (thus why we paid choreographers to create my programs for skating). I feel like I would look like a complete fool doing this. I am such a bad dancer that I was in my good friends wedding and they had a wedding party dance. I assumed it would be to a slow song and went I met the groomsman on the floor a fast song started playing. I was so awful the guy looked like he was going to start laughing. When I walked back over to Rock all he said was, “Well that was pretty awkward!” Haha.

    • Haha… You and me both with dancing!!! I am the absolute worst at dancing. Don’t put you and I in a room because it would go terribly. You could have my girls skating with you… Not me! I run because I can’t do anything else. 🙂

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