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February 14, 2016

Wednesday Feb 3rd: I went out for a cold run. I think it was about 8 miles. I felt great this morning! I pushed the pace and it was much needed. 🙂   

 My youngest and I met up with a couple of other moms and their kindergartener’s for a sledding play date. It was so much fun. I was having fun going down the hill!  

 The 2 older girls had Activity Days, and then the 3 older went to piano lessons…. My youngest and I went on RS visits. 

Thursday Feb 4th: I went out for an 8 mile run, came home, got the kids ready for school and after dropping them off went to the local gym. I once again did an Insanity class.  

 At track, the girls had a little race with one of the throwers… It was quite the entertainment!  

 The girls went to gymnastics and had a blast doing it…  

Friday Feb 5th: I went out for another 8 mile run. I felt good even battling a head cold (I’ve had it for a little over a week now).  

I took the girls to school, went to a good friend of mine dad’s funeral. It was a great service. I ran to the hospital right after because an elderly neighbor of mine broke her femur. 😟 

I told the girls we could do movie night tonight… My oldest invited all the girls in her class. They had a fun time with lots of snacks.  

Saturday Feb 6th: I met up with Mac and Aubrey for an 11 mile run. They went out 8 with me and I just ran the last 3 alone. It was great meeting up with them. I took the girls to our library… They had fun activities for the kids.  They had crafts…

 Food and an animal show… 

 Corom went snow hiking up a mountain and then snow boarded down with a friend of his.  

That afternoon, we went to the grocery store and collected money and food for our local food band. That was a great experience.  

Sunday Feb 7th: The girls were on one this morning. I had them get ready for church and then they just messed around all morning. My youngest did get mad at me… She said, “Mom, you are worse than satan right now.” Oh boy… Coming from her, I will take that as a compliment.  

 We went to church and then headed up to the Fullmer’s house for a Super Bowl “party”.  

 I didn’t know who the 2 teams were going into the Bowl but I was really excited about eating the food. 

Monday Feb 8: I went out for an 8 mile run. The inversion is so bad here that it made running hard to breathe. I seriously tasted the air pollution in my mouth. :/ But the run was good. I worked in my 3rd daughter’s classroom for just a little bit…  

 And then I headed up to a city youth track meeting (with all the cities). Then my youngest and I went back to the emergency room because our sweet elderly neighbor (the one that broke her femur) had to go back due to pain. 😦 The ladies at the front watched my youngest while I went back to her room.  

 The girls had fun at track with me…  

 And then we had dinner and FHE with a few families.  

Tuesday 9th: I went out for a 7 mile run (in the inversion) again. It was a good run but once again hard to breath. I had a bad cough the rest of the day but at least I got a good run in. 🙂 I took a picture of my carpool every morning (you can’t see 2 of the kids). It is always an adventure!  

I helped in my youngest’s kindergarten class this morning…  

 Corom had a half day so I went to track without the girls today…  

 I came home from track with a lot of stuff going on. My 2 younger girls each lost a tooth this afternoon (both of them yanked it out… They were not ready to come out :/).  

 (The tooth fairy came… Just before bed, we noticed the girls put their teeth in 2 separate bowls of water. They informed us that another kid at school told them that the tooth fairy will leave her color behind in the water. Great… One more thing to do. :/ So Corom was in charge of that tonight. He put the food coloring in and I guess forgot to put the food coloring back in the box. The next morning the girls saw the food coloring by the bowls and then the main box on Corom’s dresser. Yes we had to make up something. It was cheesy but it was something about our toothfairy not knowing what to do because it never had to do that before so we helped her out. :/) Anyway…

My oldest was making apple pie along with the younger 3’s help (I caught them doing the Lady and the Tramp move)…  

Wednesday Feb 10th: My oldest had some hard times this morning, she also got the bar of soap a couple of times.  

 I had to go to the school early for a PTO Valograms thing. My girls were a big help!  

 I also had to sub my daughter’s kindergarten class this morning.  

 My daughter cried a lot in class today. :/ Oh goodness… I hope that doesn’t happen often. I took my youngest sledding after kindergarten got out. The little girls had fun.  

 I ran on the treadmill for a little over 5 miles. It wasn’t too bad! After school, I took the 2 older girls to Actvity Days, then the 3 older girls went to piano. I found a babysitter and Corom and I went with the Fullmer’s to the Banff Film Festival. It’s a bunch of short outdoor films. They were amazing!  

Thursday Feb 11th: I did not go out on a run this morning… I had to get to the school early (with all the kids I pick up) for the valograms… Then I went straight to work at the Clarion Event Center.  

 I enjoyed working today. Well I really like working there every time I do it. The girls had gymnastics. They are loving it!  

 We headed straight up to my sister-in-laws house. All of Corom’s family just came into town. They are here for the weekend.  

 Fun times with lots of chaos. 

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  1. So many adventures in your house ! The whole class for movie night?! You are a saint. I laughed at the satan comment. The things that come out of their mouths! And I am totally with you on the Super Bowl food. We were in Aruba at an all inclusive and they didn’t do special food for it and we were at a prewedding dinner. Rock was pretty bummed!

    • Oh how was Aruba?? I’m so jealous. I laughed that Rock was bummed. I am so sorry it takes me forever to respond back. I am so bad at it! Hope things are well.

      • Aruba is lovely. It was my brother’s wedding. But seafood doesn’t replace all the wonderful things Super Bowl food provides 😉

      • I do agree with that! Nothing like super bowl food.

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