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Lake To Lake Relay, Spear Fishing & All The Usual Activities… 

March 13, 2016

February 29 Mon: I went out for an 8 mile easy run (about a 7:45 min mile average). It felt good after the 1st couple of miles. 🙂 The rest of the day was busy with our monthly PTO meeting, working in my 2nd daughter’s classroom, going to the dentist (for a dang root canal) and then to track practice. Today was the 1st official day of outdoor track.  

 We had Family Home Evening and then shortly after our 200 lb. puppy ran out in the middle of the road and was hit and ran over by a truck. :/ The poor driver. We did let him know it was completely our fault! Miraculously he popped up and ran back to the yard.  


March 1st-4th Tues-Fri: My phone is acting up and I’m unable to get some pictures and take pictures so I’m going to combine days together. I had great runs this week. T: 8 miles and an insanity workout at the gym (Corom came with me); W: 8 miles with 6 x 1 min fartlek and the rest of the run was at a hard pace; Th: 7 easy miles; F: 4 miles with strides.  

 We had play dates, I worked in the girl’s classrooms, worked at the clarion, there was gymnastics, and many more…  

 There was track practice everyday…  

 And then on Friday, one of the moms (her daughter’s on track) called me asking if Corom was home to help them move… Corom did go up but I decided to send the distance team up for their work out. They ran 4 miles before, helped them move, and then 2 miles after. The HS kids were so excited to help. (Maybe because they got out of running more… Who knows. :)) The mom was so impressed and the move went quickly! The distance kids are so awesome!! I actually had to leave because I was doing a 50 mile relay race in St. George. There were 4 other ladies that I met up with (and really met for the 1st time). We drove down and had a fun time; dinner, meeting, hanging out, etc. I was more excited that night as I went to bed because these ladies were amazing! 

March 5th Sat: A very fun Saturday for not only me but with Corom and the girls. I will start with the girls and Corom… He decided to take the girls spear fishing, swimming and canoeing (with Mike Fullmer). The girls loved it!  

  My youngest enjoyed the fish a little too much…   
 I was with the ladies in St. George running the Lake to Lake 50 mile relay race. That, too, was so much fun! Amazing group of ladies in talent and personality! We ended up taking 1st in the all women’s division and 6 overall. There was a all men’s Vegas team that gave us quite the competition. We were back and forth with them throughout the race. (We ended up coming in before them but not by much.) I ran the 5th leg and 10th (it was a 5 person team). My 1st leg was 3.9 miles and the 2nd was 7.2.  

 We had a nice drive home and Corom and I with some friends watched a movie. 

March 6th- 11th; Sun-Fri: I went out every morning for a run. I ran between 7-8 miles on Mon, Wed, Thurs & Fri. Some days, really slow and some at a good decent pace. On Wednesday I met up with the ladies from my team I ran with over at the relay. And on Friday i met up with Amber and Rachelle. Tuesday, I ran 3 miles total, did a 45 min spin class and did a quick insanity routine. It was a good week. I worked in the girl’s classrooms, PTO stuff, church stuff (meetings and visiting), the girls played with friends and then there was track practice everyday & spike night, gymnastics, etc. A busy week and me lacking on the blogging! 

 So much going on and I have been horrible keeping up on my days! 🙂 Good times! 

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  1. That relay looks like a blast! I’m so glad your dog is okay. How scary! We are currently looking at homes and while I am excited for our dog to have a yard, that is one thing I really fear. I loved seeing your pics of track, reminding me of the beginning of the season when I was young. I love spring!

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