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Family, Japanese Foriegn Exchange Students, St. Patrick Fun, Track, Etc. 

March 28, 2016


March 12 Saturday: I went out real early for a fast 7 mile run. I had to catch a school bus at 7:30 a.m. to head up to a track meet. The team ran well and performed well. We had fun grilling, cheering and competing. This will be a fun year…  

  The team (boys and girls) were able to pull off 1st place. They were excited! 

 Corom and the girls were at home “cleaning” the backyard. Corom was cleaning while the girls were building a fort (with his help)… So I don’t know how much got done but they had fun.  

 It was a long day for all of us… 

March 13th-16th  Sun-Wed: I ran for 56 min on the treadmill on Monday, 8 miles on Tuesday and 7-8 on Wednesday. I’m feeling good and really enjoying my runs! I have not signed up for any races (and decided not to do Boston); which to be honest, I’m really happy not to be going out to it. Maybe a better understanding is not to be training for it! 🙂 

It has been so busy these past 2 weeks. I helped in the girls’ classrooms, subbed on Tuesday in my 3rd daughter’s class, worked at the book fair (all week) for PTO, the girls had gymnastics,  broke up fights (between my girls), etc…  

 I had track practices and track meets…  

 Then on Wednesday night, we had 2 boys from Japan come to our home. They will be with us for the next 10 days. Lucky them! 😉  

March 17th Thursday St. Patrick’s Day: Well I did start the day off with a 6 mile run. I pushed the run this morning. It felt good. Once home, the green began…  A green breakfast, green outfits:

 We went to the school early and helped run the “parents and pastries” donut breakfast with their kids. Then helped with the book fair:  

 Corom became a leprechaun for the entire 1st grade. He spent 30-40 min entertaining them, then of course ran through the other girl’s classroom causing leprechaun havoc.  

 Corom, my youngest, her friend and I rode our bikes to the grocery store for some ice cream cones (before I headed to track practice). 

 I was in charge of putting on the teacher’s dinner (its parent teacher conference today), so we made sure it matched today’s theme. Then of course, we had our own corned beef, st. Patrick’s meal (with a couple of other families and the boys from Japan).  
 Busy, but fun day! There are some things at Corom’s work that are a little stressful so today was a good day to keep him busy. 

March 18-20th Friday-Sunday: There was no school on Friday. I got up extra early to go for a 7 mile run. Then went straight to track practice… We did a speed workout. Right after, the distance runners came over for breakfast.  

 The rest of the weekend was filled with shopping for souvenirs, bike rides, soccer, tennis…   A friend’s baptism, eating out, hanging out, playing pool, goofing off (Corom and I dressed up as a bunny and cow and sang “hoppy” birthday to a friend’s boy at his friends house; it was a nice surprise for him. The Japanese boys got a kick out of the costumes.)  

  We went paddle boating and looked for snakes…   We went hiking (a major hike), to the park and rock climbing (the girls and I hung around while the boys went climbing)… 

  We tried to squeeze a lot of stuff in for these boys… It was lots of fun. 

March 21st-25th Mon-Fri: I ran every morning this week (from 40 min to 65 min). I’m loving it! 🙂 The boys from Japan had class everyday from 8:45-5. For the girls and I, it was church, PTO & school stuff. Very busy week. We had the art’s fair (reflections)…  

 My oldest finished up her robotics class… Very impressive on what they learned!  

 The caucus…  

 Track practice and we held a big invitational at our HS (Friday).  It was the 1st invitational of the season. Many of our athletes were able to qualify for State with the times/marks they performed at the meet. Very exciting! 

 We celebrated Ko’s birthday…  

 I went to a nice church RS dinner…  

 And then there was the Star Awards assembly. I handed the kids their medals and Corom and another lady did the “star” high fives… 

 We did say goodbye to Ko and Keo before they headed back to Japan. This was a fun, eventful and yet stressful week. Lots going on with things out of my control but I’m just keeping busy and trucking along.  

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  1. I love reading your posts and seeing all of your pictures. It makes me so happy to be a mom, look forward to being a mom and want to be a better mom. Sometimes I feel like I should feel guilty for training and having a baby at home. But I know that it can be balanced and it makes me better (and saner). Seeing you do all of these things and be the awesome runner you are, truly does inspire me. We adore your family 🙂

    • Thanks Sarah!! I miss talking with you. It has been crazy here. Lots going on with Corom’s work that has been stressful but we keep trucking along. Running has played a huge role in keeping me sane as well! I love reading your posts, too and seeing all the things you do! You and Rock are amazing.

      • I hope things calm down. We are thinking of you all. And we can chat again when life chills out a bit 🙂

  2. Ashley permalink

    I’m so happy for you that your finding balance in your crazy life with running. Like you, I wake up early morning to sneak in an hour run on most days and I feel amazing afterward. Its definitely a good way to de-stress (and I so need it too). Your family is just so great with the exchange students. I have to say my very favorite picture is the pic of the Japanese boys wearing your costumes…hahahaaa! They seemed so pleased! take care, ya’ll!

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