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A Lot To Read… But I’m Back! 

April 28, 2016

I have not blogged for a many weeks now… So much has happened. And there were days I just did not want to sit down and do it; whether I was emotionally, physically or mentally drained. I will blog the main things and just group pictures together for the last part about my everyday life. 

Easter: We had a nice time Easter weekend. It was the usual Easter egg hunt, coloring eggs, dinners with family, friends and neighbors. We are on a tighter budget so it was very low key but we were able to focus more on the true meaning of Easter.  We did somehow end up with 2 guineu pigs. :/ We had a good Easter weekend. 

My nephew & brother-in-law: My sister’s little boy and husband were working on a jet ski and had an accident. The jet ski blew up on them and they were both burned. Getting phone calls like these are horrible! It’s been 3 weeks now and they both are healing well. 

  We did have a nice visit with them. 

My youngest’s birthday (April 11): Our youngest daughter turned 6 today. She is a little spitfire! She keeps everyone entertained and on their toes. I love her so much!!  

  We did visit our dear 93 year old neighbor because my youngest has the same birthday as her. We try to visit her twice a week… But every birthday we get a pic of them together.  
Corom’s Job: Or I should say, lack there of. It’s been a little over a month and a half now with Corom not working (a little before Easter). He did resign for many different reasons but it has been so stressful and an emotional roller coaster for us. The stress of not knowing how to pay bills, etc have been hard. But through all this we have seen and witnessed miracles and blessings in our lives. It has strengthened me and has helped me with my testimony of my Savior. Many wonderful friends, family and neighbors have checked in on us and has shown their love in many ways. He has been applying to many different places and he is finally getting job interviews lined up. 

Running:  🏃🏽 Running has been a wonderful outlet for me. I think with all the stress going on running has been a huge stress reliever for me where I’m able to clear my head and think things through. 😊 I did get a few people sending me texts saying I was in the Boston magazine. I’ve been going out every morning for about an hour; some days I run hard and I feel great others I just go out for a nice easy run and feel great. I haven’t been wearing a watch so I have no clue how many miles I’ve been putting in but I don’t care. 


Track (High School & Youth City Track): This is always a busy time of year for me. The high school team is doing very well. We have practice everyday still after school or track meets. It has been so fun coaching the distance kids. I can’t say enough good things about them, along with the entire team. We have had team dinners, fun practices and visits to the assisted living center (the distance kids run to the retirement/assisted living center the day before a track meet). They really enjoy doing this… Well at least I hope they do. 😉  

 The city youth track started a few weeks ago and we have a great turnout! There are about 8-10 HS kids that have been sticking around to help me out. It has been wonderful!  


Every Day Life This Past Month (or 2): I’ve have been substituting at the elementary school, working at the Clarion, cleaning doctor’s offices, doing PTO stuff, my church calling and working in my girls classrooms.  It has been so busy but I am trying to make sure my girls (and Corom to a point) comes 1st. There have been days that I just want to be done with it all but then there are days that I just want to keep pushing through and it’s no big deal.  


The Runner… A Reality TV Show: I signed my friend (Amber Green) and I up for a reality show called the runner. Now we are waiting to hear back if we made it or not. 😁  

April Fools & Our Hoppy Birthday… We have done a couple of “Hoppy Birthday’s” to good friends of ours. And April Fools is a fun holiday for us! Our youngest got us and pretended to fall asleep in her food. It was pretty clever! 


Now For The Rest Of The Pictures… Hiking, biking, cooking, playing, date night, nights on the trampoline and much more.  

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  1. What a nice surprise to see in my feed. I have been thinking about you and wondering how you were doing…and missing your posts. I didn’t realize that Corom was between jobs right now. We will keep him in our prayers and hope he finds the perfect fit soon. I am so glad your nephew is okay. How scary! By the way, I would TOTALLY watch a reality show if you were in it. Fingers crossed that you get in!

    • Thanks Sarah! I’m actually at the reception/catering place right now and have some down time. Things are just busy! But are good. Yes I hope Corom finds something very soon! 🙂 haha… I am hoping we make the TV show. It would be quit the experience. I hope things are well with you and your cute family!!

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