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Bday’s, Camping, Running and Summer Fun

August 9, 2016

My Oldest’s B-day: My oldest turned 10 on May 17th. Yes that was a while ago. Things have been so busy that I didn’t take the time to sit down. But I am coming back to this point because I just wanted to share to my oldest daughter, that I love her so much! She is one of a kind and such a joy to our family. 

She wanted breakfast in bed (which her bedroom is in the closet…. By choice not for punishment). We went out to dinner as a family and the Barney’s made her a sorting hat chocolate cake (we all laughed because it looks like a pile of poop). 🙂 It was awesome. 

Service:  There are 2 separate incidents that I want to write about! First one… Selling Rocks: On the last day of school my youngest daughter (just finished kindergarten) went out to sell rocks to the Jr high kids as they walked by our house. I have never witnessed something so amazing and kind from many different groups of Jr High aged kids. 90% of the kids would stop and acknowledge my daughter. They would engage in conversation. They would give her the change they had on them in exchange for a rock and if they didn’t have money, they would give her something from their backpacks or just talk with her. There was one group of girls that came by and they said they had no money. So my youngest just gave them each a “free” rock.  We left shortly after to pick up my other girls and when we came home, there was a note on the doorstep with a dollar or two in change from the darling group of girls. 

I have always been one to talk negatively of Jr. High but as I sat and watched this from my porch (without the kids knowing I was there), I realized that we are surrounded by so much good. There are so many good kids out there that do make a difference. Thank you to those older kids that took the time to pay attention to a 6 year old…and then there was Trash Day: One morning (about 7ish) a week or 2 ago, I was just lounging around in the family room with the girls. Next thing I heard was someone honking their horn but the honking kept going. I went outside and realized the man that picks up our trash was letting me and my next door neighbor know that he was there and our trash cans were not out. My neighbors left for work already so I quickly ran over and grabbed their trash, too. He waited for me to take both of our over flowing cans to the curb. He will never know that that small act of kindness will never be forgotten. The smallest things make the biggest difference. There is so much good around.

HS Track/State: We had a great track season! So much hard work, sweat, tears and happiness has been poured into this season. The girls and boys ended up winning region this year. Many made it to State and many more PR’d by a lot!  It was bitter/sweet to having the season end. Many seniors graduated that we as coaches will dearly miss. But it is exciting to see these young men and women grow up and move on to better things. 

It was fun for my girls to come and be a part of it! 

End Of The School Year: The last month of school is so busy! Many school projects, activities, classroom help, carnivals, parties, graduations, programs, etc. I love volunteering my time in the girls’ classrooms. I love serving in the PTO. I love being there to help and I love going to all their programs. 

Work: Corom found a job but he doesn’t start until July 26th. He has been doing side jobs in California (doing landscaping work at his brothers), up at a detox center in Midway, therapy on the side, etc. The place in Midway wanted him to stay but the job he starts in July was a better fit for family life. Both great jobs but decided to go with the other one. I’ve been working at the Clarion Gardens, substituting a lot (of course until school got out), coaching, doing a speed and agility class and I finished up with cleaning the doctor’s office. 

Beach Camping: Ahh… What can I say about beach camping. We absolutely love this vacation!! We had 4 other families come… It took us a little while to get there but we got there. (Corom did drive with a plastic bag over half his face just so he could spit his sunflower seeds into it.)

It has been such a fun family tradition and having the other families there with us. 

We hung out at the beach, explored around, rode scooters, played games, hiked, ate, enjoyed the fire and much much more! 

The week went by too fast. After the fun, we returned home. We had most the camping stuff on our lawn. I lost count of how many people stopped by thinking we were having a garage sale. So embarrassing! 

City Youth Track: The youth track program started in mid-April and we finished up the 2nd week in June. I love coaching all the little kids that join track. It is mostly elementary age kids that come out. I receive so much help from the HS kids. They come out and volunteer their time to help coach the young kids. My most favorite part of it all, is seeing all my girls do it. They do complain a lot of having to go to track but once they get there they don’t seem to mind. 🙂 My 2 younger ones made it State in the 800 (which is next week). All of them ran well at the meets. I am hoping they grow up wanting to run and I guess it would be ok if they didn’t. 😉 

Father’s Day: Today was a little rough with all the fighting between the girls. Corom was lucky that it was Father’s Day because I dealt with all the fighting the entire day. :/ They were super sweet and thoughtful when it came to giving him his gifts. The girls rode their bikes to the local grocery store (by themselves) and picked out little things for him a few days before Father’s Day. They didn’t want me to go so it was fun to see what they wrapped up. 

Cross Country: Cross Country for HS started the 2nd week in June. We will be meeting up in the mornings as a team and getting everyone back in shape or going out for the 1st time. We have a young team this year. It will be a fun building year! 

We did have the opportunity to run with Jared Ward on one of the mornings. He is running in Rio, Brazil for the Olympics in the marathon this coming August. He took 3rd at the Olympic trials in L.A., California and is now going to race for the U.S. He spoke very encouraging and powerful words to the HS kids and it was felt with all of us coaches, too. We had 4 different high school cross country teams meet up for a fun trail run and then listen to Jared talk. It was fun to see the kids interact with different teams and to be out on the trail encouraging each other on. It was a great morning! Thanks Brett Andrus (Maple Mountain’s coach) for hosting our 1st trail run of the season and for getting Jared to join us in the middle of his training. Fun times!

My Running: My running has had its ups and downs. I have been running every day. I’ve been able to meet up with some friends but just on a few occasions. Running with the HS kids has been good for me (with breakfasts after practices) and I’ve paced a couple of half marathons. Running is what keeps me going. I love it. 

Every Day Life & Summer: I love when school is out but oh how I forget How much the girls fight!!! Getting them to do chores first thing in the morning is a nightmare and We are trying to stay busy. But we are also having fun! The circus: We surprised the girls with tickets to the circus. They loved it! 

The lake: Taking the kayaks out has been so fun for the girls (well and for us)! Booth’s… Thanks for always inviting us or letting us take the kayaks out. 

My youngest (my 6 year old) jumped off the salem pond bridge … A couple 20 something year old girls were up there for awhile and she being her had to show them how to do it. She jumped out of the kayak (of Coroms) swam to the bridge, climbed over the top and jumped off (without any hesitation). :/ I realized what she was doing and was able to catch her on video (then I had to give her the talk). But it was hilarious… The other group of people loved it.

Hiking: We have been on many different hikes this summer. Sometimes with no complaining and sometimes with too much complaining! But for the most part it has been so much fun! Hiking to the Hot Springs with Yolanda and her kids (5 miles round trip… The girls did excellent)! 

Hiking up the Grotto with grandma Sarah and Gary…

Hiking near Spanish Fork cross with the Bayles’s and walking around the pond for a little fishing with neighbor kids…

Digging for geods with the Carlos’s and hiking to the Dripping Rock with the Thompson’s and Walkers. 

Stitches: My 3rd daughter split the back of her heal 

Weddings: Well… My youngest got married. She married her imaginary friend, Luke. All his imaginary friends sat on the left side while her family and friends sat on the right. It was quite the celebration! I wish I could post the video. It was super cute! 

My good friend Rachelle got married and our friend Tori (Fullmer’s niece got married). 

Pictures: As you can see, I get tired of Corom sometimes… 😉 

A fun summer… My Parents came to visit, Real soccer games, Corom going on “Treasur Hunts”, The Tetons, swimming, playing, etc. We did give our Alpacas to our vet. Our dog got to them and the vet was able to stitch them up. He has an alpaca farm so we told him he could take them. :/ Love those animals! 

There is so much more but I’ve been lazy with keeping up with my “journal” blog. 

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  1. Can I just tell you how happy I am to see this post? I was thinking of you just this morning when I was running and pushing Mary and about how much I miss reading your posts. I was going to e-mail you because I was afraid you had stopped blogging. I am so glad things are going well. Congrats to Corom on the new job!

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