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Serving the GOP Vice Presidential Pick; 1st Day Of School; Housing Bulgarians; Girls 1st Triathlon; And Lots More! 

September 30, 2016

Running: I’ve been going strong with my running. I’m not putting as many miles in but I’ve been feeling good. I have paced a few races this summer and have loved it. One being Big Cottonwood Canyon marathon. They called about 4 weeks before the race asking if I would pace. I was a little nervous because I have only been running 6-9 miles a day, 5 sometimes 6 days a week. But of course I said yes… What’s a marathon. I ended up pacing the men’s Boston qualifier time of 3:05. I loved it and it felt good. I had a large group and many of them did pull ahead the last mile or 2. I accidentally came in at exactly 3:05.00.2. It was a blast. 

Bulgaria-Folkfest: We hosted 9 musicians and dancers at our house during the Folkfest. We had them for 10 days and stayed very busy with them. They were a great group of young men. They were so fascinated by American football! They loved it. 

It is always so fun having people from all over the World stay with us. We have had great experiences. 

Family Reunion: Every year we have our Fairbank’s family reunion at “This Is The Place”. My mom was adopted from Greece when she was 11 years old into the Fairbank family. My Fairbank grandparents had 9 boys and then adopted my mom and my aunt. The reunions are huge. 

Salem Days: I love Salem Days. All week long our little city does activities for the families. We attended the Boat Regatta, Fair, 5k race, parade, little buckaroo, outdoor movie night, pageant, auction, firefighters dinner, fireworks and more. On a side note… My oldest placed 1st in her age group with a time of 24:32, my 2nd placed 1st in her age group with 26 something, my 3rd 1st in her age group with a 24:34 and my youngest placed 2nd (behind my 3rd daughter) with a 26 something. It was so fun for them. Oh and Corom was in the city’s pageant (a skit before the firework show). He played a pirate. So hot! 

During the parade, our friends the Ritchie’s, decided to get us back with returning our chair that we gave to them as a gift. (One of the pictures above.) They decorated it “The Helping Hands” service chair and walked it through the parade. They passed out different services that we would do for others. We began to get so many random texts from people about the service we they picked. Later that day we pieced everything together. It was a clever prank and they got us good. 

Boating & Hiking: We went boating with my sister, Missy and my brother-in-law. The girls loved it! My 2nd daughter did so well on the knee board with my sister’s son. So fun to watch! More hikes! Love hiking to Stewart Falls, Sundance. 

Triathlon: The girls competed in their 1st triathlon. They swam 5 laps (the 2 younger ones had life jackets on), biked 4 miles, then ran 1 mile. They did so well!! And they actually enjoyed it. 

Girl’s Running: I coach for the city youth cross country (a new program)… So of course my girls do it. They don’t really enjoy it like I was hoping they would. I told them once I am done coaching for this season, I won’t do the city youth CC anymore. We will see if they want to do it next year. They are so good at it, too. Oh well. Wishful thinking! 

Girls Soccer: The girls are loving soccer, though. They play through the city and we coach 2 of their teams. The younger 2 are on a team together and our friend coaches them. It is so fun to watch them play. They are not afraid to get in there and go for the ball. My youngest, though, is still in the hand stand faze. 

Fair and Derby: I took the girls to the local fair… There was a K9 cop show, monkey show, face painting, etc. There was a long line for face painting so my oldest stepped in and started painting faces. She actually earned a birthday party job because of this. She is so excited! Corom and I went to the Derby with 2 other couples. Always entertaining. 

1st Day Of School: This may sound bad, but I was so excited for the 1st day of school (well do were my girls). All my girls are in school all day… Fun times! 

Soldier Coming Home & Honoring Fallen Soldiers: We had a neighbor come home from Afghanistan after serving there for a year. The neighbors came together and lined his road with flags (and people). The police and firemen brought him home. So amazing!!! My sister and I (with our kids) went to a service on September 11 honoring all the fallen soldiers and service men/women. My sister was poising while a couple of guys photo bombed her. It was quite funny! 

Catered For VP Pence: I had the opportunity to cater for Mike Pence (Trump’s Vice President pick) with Rebecca at the Clarion Event Center. Lots of security, bomb sniffing dogs and secret service and somehow they still let me in. 🙂 We were able to get a quick picture with Mike Pence and our Governor as they were leaving. It really was a great experience. 

Cross Country With The High School: We have had a fun summer and school year with the cross country team. They are a great group of kids! We’ve practiced all summer long, had cross country camp, quite a few races, team parties/dinners, trail runs, service work, etc. So much fun!! We (our school) just hosted an invitational (September 23rd). We had 38 schools come with a little over 2000 runners. It went really well! I do love coaching these HS kids. They are a great example to me. 

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  1. So nice to see a new post from you! I was just telling Rock today that I miss reading your posts. I LOVE that untrained you ran a 3:05 FLAT as a pacer. You truly amaze me. I am always telling people about this awesome mother racer that I was lucky enough to finally meet in person. You are incredible!

    • Oh Sarah…. It is so great to hear from you!! It has been crazy busy here. I hope things are well with you and your cute family. By the way… The race was a down hill course. 😉 Really downhill! We are running (not racing) St. George marathon tomorrow. The things we do as runners. 🙂 Miss you!

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