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Palmyra & New York Fun W/ Biking & Running Thrown In To The Mix 

June 11, 2017

June 9th: I woke up this morning with horrible allergies. My eyes were swollen and itchy, my throat and nose were itchy and I couldn’t stop sneezing. It was no fun. I will admit, I was a little grumpy and wanted to get moving… we left my allergy pills at my sister-in-law’s place. So as soon as we were done with Palmyra, we were going to head to a store and grab some more.  I hurried everyone along with getting ready in the morning and quickly made their oatmeal. There was a nice place to eat before heading out on “self-tour” pathway.

We spent a little more time in Palmyra then what I thought we would when we 1st started… my sneezing was out of control but I absolutely loved walking through the Grove. It was so peaceful and beautiful… I just wanted to keep walking along the pathway. It was great being able to talk with the girls about the spiritual and important things in life. 

We headed to the Palmyra temple and walked around there for a few minutes before we headed over to Hill Comorah. The girls and Corom had a blast rolling down the hill. I sat up on top just watching, enjoying the sound of their laughter… and yes my allergies were still horrible (thank goodness for sunglasses 😎 because I was not looking pretty). We left, picked up some allergy medicine (at Costco) and headed on our way to Connecticut. We will be staying with our cousin’s Ryan and Megan (and their little one) for a couple of nights. On the way there… I was able to get 1 1/2 hours of riding the bike. Corom used some of my rungum to help him through the drive. It works wonderfully! We arrived and went for a walk with Ryan and his family and the girls. They warned us about ticks everywhere and sure enough, Megan found a tick on her when we got home. 😬 Creepy little buggers!! 
June 10th: I went out for a 7 mile run (55:19). Still not feeling the greatest-a little sluggish but it felt good to get out. It is so beautiful here. So many trails and trees and it’s so green. But I’m not going to lie… I am a little freaked out about the ticks around here so I stayed on the roads. I did come onto a dead end road with a small cemetery. It was a little eerie but cute (if that makes sense). 

Then it was off to New York!! It was great having Ryan with us to be our tour guide! We were able to see so many places in the 9 hours that we were there. And better yet… everything we did go to was free (well the museum of Natural History was $2 for all of us). 😳 

We started with 9/11-Ground Zero. It was a very somber experience. My heart was full for the men and women and everyone involved on this dreadful day. This was one of the main things I wanted to go to. My children have a better understanding of the events that took place and how we need to come together as a country and help each other out. I just realized as I was putting my pictures together that I took a picture of the fire department Ladder 10 (as they were out on a call) and then I took a picture of the fire department 10 and their fallen men memorial. Anyway… I am not good with putting my thoughts and feelings down on paper but I had so many different feelings as we were there. There were so many people around us yet everyone seemed to feel the same way as I did. There was a lot of love and respect. 

Statue Of Liberty: Another absolutely amazing thing to see! The Statue of Liberty is beautiful. We took the free ferry ⛴ that passes past the Statue and that was perfect for us. Then it was off to the Museum of Natural History. Corom said he would go get tickets for the museum while I took the girls to the bathroom. I’m so glad that the girls had to go to the bathroom… I guess the museum was by donation. Corom donated $2! I’m not going to lie… I’m glad he did just that but if I were in charge of getting the tickets, I would have donated more than that because I would have felt bad. It was fun to walk around… We walked around Central Park for a while and then took the girls on their first subway station ride/experience. The park is huge! And the subway is so filthy! I swear my girls had to touch everything, everywhere. Our cousin, Ryan, was constantly taking out his wet wipes and wiping their hands down. It made me laugh but I was grateful at the same time. 

We took the Subway to Chinatown. My girls were in heaven with wanting to buy everything!! We went out to dinner at a really good Vietnamese restaurant (in Chinatown) and just walked around to see the sights of it all. And on our way out to the carport… we walked the Brooklyn Bridge. So beautiful!! We were all tired but it was worth the walk on the bridge. (We ended up walking 10 miles total today! My kids were troopers.) 

June 11th: Today was a very nice down day with lots of relaxing. We hung out with Ryan and Megan all day. Started off going to church, then napped for a while, played games, BBQ’d, did s’mores… … and went on a nice walk up a tick infested nature trail (but I guess many states around here are having the problem with ticks). It was actually a very nice hike. We saw a beaver, beaver dams, frogs 🐸, etc… It was so nice being able to hang out. We leave in the morning for our next destination! 

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