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Washington D.C., KOA Camping & of Course Running…. 

June 14, 2017

It’s been so fun watching the girls get along and play. They are “stuck” together with no distractions of friends or personal space. I’m not saying they haven’t fought because they have had some pretty good fights… but they have gotten along really well, too. 5 pictures of the 6 are of our KOA campsite in Washington D.C. It was a really fun place to camp. We are staying at the KOA for 2 nights. (Monday June 12th and Tuesday night, June 13th.) Monday… I went out for a 7 mile run. It was so pretty the trail I hooked on to. 

June 13th & 14th: We got up early And headed out to tour DC. ( I didn’t get a run in On the 13th. 😬) But we did walk a total of 12 miles today (the girls, too). It was 95 degrees with a 45 % humidity. It was hot! There was lots of complaining today and lots of museums visited (free of course 😉). We started of with a tour at the Capitol. The best part… we saw a statue in there that my grandpa 👴🏻 made. He has 4 in there, but there are so many statues, it was too hard to check them. We just happened to stop next to the Utah statue and it was 2 away. (The bottom right is the Utah statue of Brigham Young.) 

It was neat to take a tour of the Capitol and we learned so much. We stood in the center of Washington, we found out that there was a fascination with Pocahontas during the time period of the mural being painted (for the big dome room), the Capitol has its own Subway, the statue that’s sits up top is called “The Statue of Freedom”, the statue faces East ( and the main entrance) to symbolize peace, etc. We hit up a couple of museums… the Natural Museum of the American Indian and the Museum of Modern Art…

We headed down to the Washington Monument… … before heading over to the Lincoln Memorial Next stop was the World War 2 memorial, the Korean War and pictures of the White House. Loved all 3 of these places! Everything is so beautiful here! There is so much to see that I knew we weren’t going to fit it all in. 😬 I did love the saying of “Freedom Is Not Free”. This memorial made me think and feel of the gratitude I have for all the men and women serving for our country. 

The one place I wanted to go to today was the Arlinington Cemetery. This was my favorite place  out of everything today! It is hard for me to describe the feel of entering the cemetery. I was sad to see so many tombstones all lined up (there were thousands of tombstones everywhere), yet I felt love and gratitude and pride towards the service men/women. We live in an amazing country and we are so blessed to be here. We watched the changing of the guards… guarding the Tomb of the Unknown Soilder. It was great to be there and watch the procedure of what they do. I learned that the tomb is guarded 24/7 all year long no matter the weather! Pretty awesome.  On Wednesday (the 14th) I woke up and went out for a 7 mile run, then finished off with a bike ride (well on my cycle bike). I felt better today with my run. I even did a few pick ups along the way. It’s been a long time… so out of racing shape!! I got back from my run and rode for a mile or 2. Yeah… I probably Looked funny riding in the middle of our campsite. 
After playing around at the campsite… 

we headed to D.C.’s LDS Temple. My grandpa made the Moroni on that temple. It was beautiful! We are now headed to my sisters house in Virginia Beach. 

Yesterday my youngest was walking along the sidewalk and wasn’t paying attention… she ran right into a sign. Yeah, it was painful.

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