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Virginia Beach w/ My Sister, St. Loise Arch & Liberty Jail

June 18, 2017

June 14th-17th: We arrived from Washington D.C. to Virginia Beach on Wednesday. So beautiful here! I was able to get an 8 mile run in on Thursday morning (58:43)… the best part, Corom cane out with me. He ran a little over 5 and I just ran back and forth. My sister lives here with her family (my brother in law is in the military). My kids have not seen my sister’s kids for at least 5-6 years! Way too long but they were in Spain for a few years. It was so great hanging out. We, of course, had to go to the beach… (Corom and my bro-in-law went surfing a couple of times; well I should say he went surfing and Corom tried 😉). I was able to go onto the navy military base. I absolutely loved it. The ships (of all sorts) are huge. I’m a sucker for anything military. 😳 And then, of course, the kids played  the entire time. I wish we lived closer. We celebrated my nephew’s  birthday the night before we left. He is so dang cute! On Saturday, we packed up our stuff and headed out. We were sad to leave but next time we will plan to stay longer. It was great for my sister and I to spend quality time together. 

June 17-18th (Father’s Day): We drove a lot these past 2 days! We made it to Colorado Sunday evening. We did make a few stops on the way, but now that we are heading back home… there is more of an urgency to get back. We had the best rain-lightening storm these past 2 days.  I do love how green it is on the east coast. (And the fireflies are amazing!) We drove through a tunnel that took us under water… I didn’t like it (too eerie for me). Oh, I didn’t take the pic of the fireflies. Mine didn’t turn out that great. 😉We stopped of in St. Louis to see the Arch… it was huge!! As we were heading out, we came across the St. Louis Temple. We were passing through Columbia, Missouri this morning (Sunday) and saw that there was a LDS church service about to start. So we threw on some clothes and went to just sacrament meeting. I’m so glad we were able to go. It was a good meeting. We also made a stop in Liberty, Missouri and did a little tour of the Liberty Jail. It was a little detour but I’m glad we went. Other than that… it was just getting through the long car ride. From my sister’s house in Virginia to Corom’s brother’s house in Colorado (our next main stop)… it is a 26-27 hour drive. 😳 Happy Father’s Day to you, Corom!! We love You! Here is a special traveling dinner for you. 😉 (It actually was really good pizza!) 

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