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December & Bringing in the New Year

January 7, 2018

Today is New Years! I started off with a 6 mile run at a 7:15 pace. I am so out of shape but I feel it slowly coming back. As I mentioned before, I am able to run every other day. It’s been so great!

We went to the pond today for our annual polar plunge. (

It’s amazing how much it has grown… this year was a lot warmer than the past 2. That probably helped get more people in the water. (These pictures are those that have jumped in for the polar plunge.) This was Corom’s legs from the 1st year of doing it… the ice tore his legs up! Call me a bad wife but I still find it funny…. the bottom 2 pictures are from last year with him sledding in…

. ..This year… There was no ice in the pond, very little snow on the ground and the temperature was 42 degrees. A lot more mild then the years past but still so much fun. Corom and my 2 older girls jumped in…

… me and my 2 younger ones were perfectly ok just watching. šŸ˜Š

< strong>December: <<<<

I love December! I love everything about Christmas… I love how everyone gives and serves and wants to help others out. I love the peace of it all and even the gifts. šŸ˜‰ For the month of December, as a family, we do an activity every day. The girls pick a little note out of a Christmas tree calendar with a different activity on it.


1st: Christmas rings

2nd: Making hand lotion & Bath Bombs

3rd: Ward Christmas Party & Santa Clause

4th: Writing Letters to Santa

5th: Read Christmas Stories with Hot Chocolate

6th: Making Christmas Ornaments

7th: Rock Climbing

8th: Driving around Salem Pond and Seeing Christmas Lights

9th: Cutting A Christmas Tree Down

10th: Delivering the Christmas Tree to a Neighbor

11th: Polar Express Night at the Elementary School

12th: Visiting our Elderly Neighbor (Dottie)

13th: Christmas Crafts

14th: Delivering Goodies

15th: Ice Skating

16th: Christmas Party with Friends

17th: Dinner with neighbors & Decorating Cookies

18th: Sing to the elderly at the Assisted Living Home

19th: Gift to Mail Lady/Garbageman

20th: Class Parties

21st: Gingerbread Houses

22nd: Notes to Neighbors (from the girls)

23rd: Christmas Stories and Hot Chocolate

24th: Greek Dinner and our PJ gifts

25th: Christmas and our gift to our Savior

26th: Playing With New Things

27th: Bringing treats to others

28th: Ice skating and Art Museum

29th: Sledding & Christmas dinner with Corom’s family

30th: Salt Lake Temple/Lights

31st: New Years Eve: games, food, family and friends

I love my family so much through the good and the bad, the fun and not so fun. They are everything to me. Bring on another year. šŸ˜Š

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  1. I love the activity each day idea. I might have to steal that next year. Look at all of that ice skating! Happy New Year to you and your family!

    • Yeah… every time we went ice skating I thought of you. My youngest is pretty dang good. It’s fun to watch.

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