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March 12, 2018

I have not blogged for a few months but it’s just been everyday things. So this post will be more of the catch up and made up of mostly pictures. I do love my family! Always a good time with the kids. (Well when they are not fighting… 😉.)

Today, (March 12th), I surprised the girls and checked them out of school. We went to see the movie, Peter Rabbit, and then went out to lunch. It was really nice to go out with them. I need to do things like this more often.

My running: I signed up for Grandma’s marathon in Duluth, Minnesota. The race is in June. I just started a running plan 3 weeks ago. I get so excited until I do my speed workouts, oh, and my long runs. And the sad part is… this is the beginning of my training plan, so it’s the easiest part. 😉 I have not raced for over 2 years and didn’t run for about 4 months during the 2 years (due to an injury). So the speed is so hard but I find it coming along. I’ve been trying to do more cross training and weights (because I seriously lack in that category).

I’ve done spin classes, the elliptical, barre classes, strength training, and I had my very 1st ice bath on Saturday, March 10th. It was surprisingly freezing 😉 but nice (except for the feet)! They burned!!

We have had a nice winter so far… the weather has been great (snowing at times but the temperature has been very pleasant)…

Indoor and outdoor track (we just started the outdoor season about a week ago) is going well. The girls and corom came up to our weekend Simplot track meet in Idaho….

The girls are always entertaining themselves and enjoying life….

Valentines: A breakfast and school parties… the girls did make corom and I breakfast and put on a fashion show for us (a different day).

Basketball: The girls enjoyed basketball… it was a fun to watch them learn and the chaos on the court. 😉

Work: I have taken the girls one at a time to work at the Clarion with me. It has been so fun to have them there with me.

My youngest had to be put out for a couple of root canals… that was so dang expensive but had to be done. It was so eerie watching her fall asleep. The 1st couple of pictures she was fighting against falling asleep. When she finally did (about 45-60 seconds after the shot), her eyes stayed open. 😳

Being the genius Corom is… my 2nd child wanted to put a pretend earring in the top of her ear, so corom helped her clamp it down. Well it was a little to tight. It was a good 20-25 min trying to get that little metal thing off her ear and it was painful!! The bottom 2 pictures, a group of high school kids borrowed our big van for a dance… we wanted to scare them by placing a life size Santa in the van. During the dance we snuck it in. Yes it did scare them. 😊

Cute, random pictures:

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  1. Your kids are getting so big, and beautiful! So glad to see you back to training. I dread speed work, every single time, but I am always so happy when it is done and feel so good. I think the strength training will be so great for you and make you such a healthier runner. It takes more time but it really does help. So great to see your post!

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