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Where to Start

I will start off with my running (or lack thereof) and then get on to more of the funny, normal things in our life. And everything will be out of order but oh well…

“I firmly believe that the only disability in life is a bad attitude.” Scott Hamilton

“While a positive attitude doesn’t always work, a negative attitude almost always does.”

I have been so discouraged with my injury and obviously lack thereof of running! I’ve been out since June with most exercises. I have ran just a small handful of times (which I probably shouldn’t have) and only biked a few other times. But I have noticed that my attitude is everything. There is nothing I can do about my injury except to rest and let it heal. Some days are easier than others (mentally) but I am trying to stay on the positive side.  I am slowly coming back but I still feel a pain and tightness in the back of my knee.

I’ve been to the docs for a lot of physical therapy work… Today is Monday, December 18th, and a few weeks ago I was given the ok to start running, every other day, not going over 5 miles for each run! I have been loving it. It is not much but I will take it. On the other days, I bike, do a strength training class (which I so lack in), swim (well once so far in the 2 weeks), the elliptical, etc. It feels good to be able to do stuff again but I have a ways to go. I do have the good days with the not so good, but I have no doubt I will come back.

We finally got family pictures done (after 6 almost 7 years of not taking one):

My 2nd oldest had her 10th birthday. We invited the entire 4th grade over (all the girls). We put on all the invitations for no gifts! I do not want that many gifts coming in. 😉 Yes it is loud and crazy for an hour and a half but we didn’t want anyone to feel left out. A month after my 2nd child’s birthday was my 3rd. She turned 9. We had the 3rd grade girls come for more noise and chaos. But it was fun (with that many people, you don’t really have to plan activities because everyone just plays). They are growing up way too fast and are both turning into beautiful young ladies.…after my 3rd child’s birthday was Corom’s birthday… well today was a day of payback for people to get Corom back. Corom is always pranking people. It started off at midnight with a couple of kids coming to our house and wrapping our car with plastic wrap.

Corom was freaking out because all he heard was the dogs barking (and it was the people are near our house bark). Corom put the dogs in the garage so the neighbors wouldn’t get annoyed. Then about 10 min later we saw a cop drive around the school (next to our house). After the cop left he saw 2 cars pull into the school parking lot, get out with something in their hands and run towards our house. (By this time it was about 12:30 a.m.) Corom lost sight of the boys and began running from room to room looking through the blinds. A few min later he let the dogs back out. He had me call the police, once the dogs were barking again. The 2 kids took off because of our dogs as corom is giving me a complete description of the cars and where they are going; which I would quickly relay that to the police. We went out front to see exactly which direction the cars went when corom noticed his truck was wrapped. We told the police to call it off and it was just a funny prank. I felt so dumb telling the police that… they got a kick out of it.

We then woke up to our porch full of stuffed animals and a happy birthday sign… <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
n church, our neighbor took a picture of our good friend, Mike, wrapping our big sprinter van in streamers, plastic wrap, foil and Oreos… It made me laugh! Even better that we caught him. I told corom he had it coming to him with all the things he does to others. His birthday was fun spending time with both our families! My oldest made his birthday cake… she made a pig. I thought it was pretty clever. We took our girls to Moab and did some river rafting. One of the coaches I coach with (Alex Crystal) is a river guide in the summer and took us out. It was a blast!!! My girls loved it. We did some pretty amazing hikes as well. Halloween is always a great time! Trick or treating, Halloween runs, parties….… my parents were able to come for a visit. It was a great week hanging out with them, my sister and her family and my brother and his family. The weather was great all week. The boys and kids took the boat out for tubing and water skiing a couple of times, we played games, did crafts, swam and just hung out. we did do the whole Black Friday thing… holy mad house! Corom was followed by the Walmart cops and then asked to search his jacket and bags as he was waiting in the line to leave. We were not with him, otherwise, there would have been a ton of pictures. 😉 It was hilarious because he always gets pulled over, stopped, etc… so this wasn’t a shocker. ..but he does look a little crazy 😜 ! And the stuff in his bag was a little too funny. I had the opportunity to help cater a Republican Party event for the man running for president in Mali. It was a great experience and I was able to meet some pretty amazing people. A few of the “Railroad Underground” people were there and have done some wonderful things. With school now going, we have kept our days full. I have been subbing at the elementary school where my girls go and at the High School where I coach at… Our cross country season has been going strong. We have had great times, not so great, sorrow and team unity this year more so than any other. Lots of service and friendships with this group. They ran really well at region and then once again at State. Then it was off to our California trip. Disneyland, the beach, then the Footlocker race.

We keep busy on the weekends with Jamie (our guy from England) trying to stay out of trouble… Anywhere from big wheeling down steep mountains to rope  swinging into the ponds. We had a hard time Once Jamie had to leave. He has been a part of our family for about 7 months and fit right in. We can’t wait until he comes out next summer!

The girls played city soccer and little kids city cross country was going on … and yes, Corom and I coach all 4 of our girls soccer team; and I coach the cross country team. Corom also became the Jr. High cross country coach. It has been busy but we are loving it… and it’s fun having the girls enjoy it with us. Once soccer ended, we put the girls in city basketball. I love that the city has all these sports throughout the year. It’s cheap and convenient for us.

Here are all the rest of our pictures throughout the past few months…

Red Ribbon week (I was in charge of at the elementary school):

5 mile hike round trip to the hot springs with the Harris’s… Playing, redoing our basement, etc…

The Week Before School Starts & Jamie’s Back

We have had one busy summer:

  1. Jamie from England (soccer coach) lived with us for 3 months (leading into summer).
  2. We took off for 2 1/2 weeks to travel the U.S. in our Sprinter van.
  3. We came home to 2 Brazilians living in our home. Soccer coaches.
  4. Corom and I went on trek, my oldest had her 5th grade Shadow Mountain campout, Corom went on scout camp, he also went to Catalina, California for a spear fishing trip. I had cross country camp with the high school kids.
  5. I found out I pulled a muscle behind my knee with arthritis forming in my legs. 😦
  6. We had 4 boys from China here for almost 2 weeks.
  7. 4 boys from the Country of Georgia stayed with us for 8 days.
  8. We went to Leo carillo, Malibu California for 5 days for our annual beach camping trip.
  9. Jamie from England came back to our house for the next 3 months!
  10. Oh and our basement flooded 3 times total in a 5 month period.

​Our week back from beach camping and our England son has returned (Jamie has missed us so much):

Salem Days 5k: I have not ran since June and I actually stopped biking, etc. just to let my knee heal. I can’t say I have not ran because I have probably gone out about 3 times in the past 2 1/2 months for various reasons. Anyway… I decided to run the Salem Days 5k with my kids. Once we started, I only lasted about .6 miles before I told the girls I was going to run ahead and come back and get them when I finished. I absolutely miss racing and quickly realized how out of shape I am and how much my knee is driving me crazy!! I just want to heal up and race again. I can run through the arthritis pain but can’t start the training with how tight my knee is. Anyway… I pulled off a time of 20 minutes something (a 6:50 pace) but as I said before… so out of shape! My girls ran excellent. My oldest took 1st in her age group, 2nd took 2nd in hers, 3rd took 1st and 4th took 2nd. It was fun to see them come in. The rest of Salem days was a blast. Breakfast, kid’s parade (the night before), the community parade, BBQ, fairgrounds and activities… bike riding, the pageant (a little play), then the firework show. I so love this community. This picture I took from someone else in our community… it shows the beauty of our pond and the firework show.

Over the weekend I helped Sundance resort (Woody) put on a 7 mile trail race. It was absolutely beautiful and the course was awesome! I ran the course the night before with Corom and Jamie to make sure all the signs were in place. I took a pretty good fall on the way down but didn’t get too scratched up. My knee was so tight for majority of the run, 😞 But it felt so good to get out and run. 

The next morning, we all got up early and headed up for the trail race. Corom and Mike were the sweepers (they were the last ones… making sure everyone was cleared off the mountain). I took the girls up to about mile 4 and waited for Corom and Mike to show up. We all ran the last 3 miles together.

Right after the trail race, we went to Park City to the Olympic Park for some fun. The guys (Corom, Jamie and Mike) are the ones that went down the slides while Amy, the girls and I watched. We were very entertained! We could not stop laughing with Corom’s and Jamie’s 1st jump!


Sometime during the week we went to the Hot Springs with Jamie and Greg (both from England here as soccer coaches). I was able to soak in the hot springs for a good hour with my knee taking in all the minerals. I heard that would help so I wanted to give it a try. The boys had a brilliant idea to pull the van up as close as they could to the spring hole and jump in. I have to admit… it was entertaining. Corom jumped in right away…

…and it took Jamie a little while to do it. 😉 Sorry Jamie.

​We had a few extra neighbor kids come with us… my girls loved it. We had a good time.

We took Jamie and the girls to the High School’s 1st football game of the season… Jamie’s 1st time sitting down and watching American football.

I took the girls to the fairgrounds and my oldest got roped into helping with the face painting booth.

The day before school started, we were able to see the Eclipse. We went to my sister’s house and met up with my younger brother and his family and my oldest brother and some of his family. We spent the time on the lake and in the hot springs pool. My oldest brother (and family) are visiting from California. They are sending their daughter off to college (she got into a University up here). 🙂

Cross Country this summer has been great. We have had many activities other than running! Many mornings, we had breakfast ready for the kids as they came in. We played games, BBQ’d, etc. Good group of kids and so ready to race.

It’s been a busy week/summer and I am ready for school to start.

Beach Camping California 

August 7th- August 11, 2017: We left at 2 a.m. to head on down to California (Leo Carillo- Malibu, California). We caravaned with the Fullmer’s and the Thompson’s. We had a little mishap on the way down but nothing that we aren’t used too… We finally arrived at our campsite around 3. We always try to get the same campsite every year! It is the best one at Leo carillo.  Angela Chambers and her kids met us shortly later at the campsite. We set up camp quickly… and headed to the beach, well after Corom “rested” for a little bit. The beach was perfect this time of year!! (Mike, I love that you are in the background picking your nose!)The 1st night we were there we walked down to the beach looking for the Grunan Run. It was a full moon and during the summer months, the grunan fish come out at certain times to lay eggs on the sand. We had no luck seeing them but it sure was a nice night for a moonlight walk on the beach.  Tuesday morning, the kids played around the camp for a while and it took Corom a little while to wake up… Our campsite is so awesome!Then it was beach time for the 4 families. I actually got in the water and boogie boarded this year. It was so much warmer in August then June when we usually go on this annual trip! I had a blast… this is something I need to document. 😉 Corom had to help me get the wet suit off.. that thing was a bugger to get off. All the kids had a blast, too, with boogie boarding, flying kites and just playing! We were tired by the time we got back to camp! Had a fire and then went to bed. Wednesday was pretty much the same… a whole lot of fun and relaxing!  Corom, Mike and Bart said they were going to catch us dinner for the night. They took their spears and headed out to the ocean. They were gone for a good couple of hours… They came back with a whole lot of dinner!! It was so much work bringing that monster fish back that Corom slept for the next hour in his wetsuit. 😉 Us ladies had a good laugh but the guys didn’t care about not catching much. They love spear fishing! We played games on the beach… and built a huge sand sculpture. Every year the men and children pick something different to sculpt. This year it was a… lobster. 😊 I did get up Wednesday morning to try to go for my 1st run in a long time. It was absolutely beautiful but my run only lasted 15 minutes. 😞 I hate injuries!!! My knee is still bothering me and I have no clue what to do about it (we are going on the 3rd month)! More fun pictures in the sun!

Our 2nd daughter and Corom went out on the paddle board together. They had a little trouble as they were making their way back in. Next thing we know… the life guard is in there pulling our daughter out because she was taken under the wave. I am so glad she was watching! And who knows… maybe Corom did it on purpose. 😉

My brother was able to pop in and visit on our last night camping (he only lives 20 min away, so I would have been mad if he didn’t). 😉 It’s always good seeing him!

We made a “special” chocolate, oatmeal, graham cracker, fruit pancake for this little guy. We were celebrating his birthday.

Last day at the beach! More swimming, boogie boarding, looking for sand creatures, sand sculptures and relaxing.

The boys went out to try to surf for a little while and then shortly after they returned we went back to camp to clean up.

The week went by way too fast. It is always hard coming home. We left Thursday evening (around 9) and drove through the night. By 8 a.m. Friday morning, we were home.

Week With The Republic of Georgians

July 30 – August 6th (my birthday): Everyone that knows us, knows that we are always housing different people from different countries. We love it! This past week we took in 4 boys (Tengo, Tato, Va Ko, Onosay) from the country/Republic of Georgia 🇬🇪 for the Springville Folkfest. The Springville Folkfest had 8 other countries come out this year and when we heard Georgia was coming again, we jumped right on it and requested them.  There were 5 other host families housing the Georgians and we all became instant friends/family. Much time was spent together. But oh, the fun we all had. I loved the other host families and I want to thank them for everything. I will only be able to show a fraction of our week. They kept us laughing all week long and they were so full of energy! ​The car rides were the best! ​​​Some of the videos is upside down or sideways but once you click on it, it is normal. But the upside down explains our week… 🙂

] ] ] ]

On top of their cute personalities, they were extremely talented! (I have so many videos of their performances but am unable to load most of them.)

] ] ] ]

They danced with real swords… it was so impressive. The 4 girls that came are beautiful dancers and really lit up the stage.

] ] ] ]

All week long there was a whole lot of singing and dancing every place we went (stores, parking lots, restaurants, etc.). ​For my birthday, they sang and then started to dance right out the front doors as we were leaving. The employees came out and said they were calling the cops on us. ​This video was at Beto’s Mexican place at a little after midnight… the video is not the best because I recorded it off my live facebook page ​(and it was shortened by a few minutes). 🙂

] ] ] ]

Another time when we came out to our van and they were right in the middle of singing… this really was how our week was. It was so funny!

] ] ] ]

We absolutely loved these boys and getting to know the entire group was so fun. There were 21 of them all together. If we could have… we would have taken them all into our home! This will be a picture overload but who cares! 😉 This is the group, obviously in action (and thanks host families for taking such great pictures…) 

 We stayed busy the entire week, always finding different things to do during their downtime or running them around when they had certain places they needed to be at. We took the group up Payson canyon to make s’mores… their 1st time tasting smores.
We hiked the grotto…

] ] ]

…and then taught them American football. Salem Hills HS’s football team came out after one of their practices and spent the next hour or so with the Georgians and 2 other countries. Great group of kids (all around)… Some of them really got into it.

] ] ]

Lots of park time where they practiced all week and of course, swimming in the pond.

] ] ]

] ] ]

I took the 4 boys that stayed with us up to Sundance for a lift ride…
And then signed the group up to play mud volleyball in a city tournament. They absolutely loved it! This was their 1st time playing (with a net) and they were pretty good at it.

] ] ]

Some random, fun pictures…

…and lots of selfies (so not me but it was funny)…
There were injuries and one that needed to see a doctor. George hurt his knee in one of his performances (we absolutely loved George… just an amazing person all around). I was so grateful that we were able to call Dr. Mike Fullmer (a very good friend of ours and also our pediatrician)… he got him in right away!

We went to the Bean museum at BYU (top pic), played lots of games and had a fun time hanging out!
We spent one of our days at the local pool… One picture is a little funny but of course it was Corom’s idea…
They Taught the girls some of their dance moves, ate a lot, and always had their shirts off whenever possible. 🙄😉 They for sure Kept us entertained.

They were so good with the girls! Always playing around with them.

Corom and I had to laugh because this went on every night with the push-ups! Corom would put a song on and without fail… Onosay would get down and do his push-up routine. So, of course, this made the blog. Mike and Amy were there for one of the nights and we could not stop laughing.

</p ] ]

On our way to beach camping, Mike was motivated to do push-ups at the gas station. ​Onosay motivated him to do more push-ups throughout his daily routine.

</p ] ]

One night, they made us some Georgian food… it was really good! My boys met the drill team and absolutely loved that! And the girls loved them…
</p ] ]


</p ] ]

The group performed for the Veteran’s Home in Payson. It was an amazing experience and the veteran’s loved having them there! (Pic above)

Pic below… more performance pictures and as I mentioned before… they were incredible. The crowd loved them. The Austria group was pretty dang funny, too! Very entertaining.
Just hanging out during all the performances…We went to Wal-Mart on many occasions… they loved that store. 🙄 They got in trouble there at least 4 times! The cops were almost called on 1 occasion, some guy wanted to fight them on another (he didn’t know that they didn’t speak English and kept asking them to back up but they didn’t), and 2 other times the employees tracked them down to tell them to be quiet and to stop singing with their microphones. It was pretty hilarious.

Dancing after their performances of course and then it was my birthday on the 6th…. we all stayed up until 3 (Corom and I barely) while they kept going.

It was hard to say our goodbyes but that’s just how it goes. Maybe someday we will be able to go visit all these people that stay with us!
Oh… I did get a birthday song from the group before they loaded up on their bus. (As mentioned earlier… the 4 boys sang to me at Wal-mart at midnight last night but we were kicked out).


Here are more random videos of our week… enjoy! ​​ 

Emily and Dirk… this ones for you!

This video doesn’t exist
At ]At ]At Wal-mart… I love my youngest’s reaction!


The next 4 videos, I brought them to the HS so they could work out… pretty impressive jumping!!





 ​Va Ko sang at least 3 different versions of this song…



There are so many more videos that I will up-load but it is going to take some time because they are a little bit longer…





American Fork 1/2 and Hosting 2 Brazilians, 4 Chinese Kids, Going On Trek, 4th of July… So Much!

We came home from our family trip to lots of chores (and the girls did really well with not complaining too much)… mowing, cleaning, taking care of the dogs and their wastes 😳, etc.

… and to 2 coaches from Brazil. We had so much fun this week with them. Very nice and respectful people. We went to an indoor soccer arena to play a couple of soccer games with some local teams (my sister works there and my brother met us there to play). It was fun to watch the guys play (and it was so fun to see my niece and nephew). What was neat was the team that needed extra players had a couple of guys from Brazil (they moved here a while ago) and another player that went on his mission there. Corom took the guys to the lake one night and we all went bowling. 1st time bowling for them. We had quit a few laughs. We did say goodbye to the 2 as they headed to a new host family in Colorado.

Saturday June 24th: I woke up to the alarm at 3:15 a.m. I was asked on Thursday evening if I could pace the American Fork half… the 1:30 pace (6:52 per mile pace). I couldn’t say no. 😉 I do love pacing and this race was especially special. All proceeds go to cancer awareness… it’s the race against cancer. I met so many wonderful people, heard so many of their stories and saw many of my running friends. There were many that pr’d today…. so fun. The rest of the week… running for the girls (I told the girls if they were to run everyday… well 6 days a week and then do their 20 min of school work in the morning, I would pay them $100 at the end of summer). So they get up every morning and do what they need to do. We helped our good friends move (Fullmer’s and still close by). We’ve had friends over (some I have not seen in years… so good seeing you, Hanchette’s). And then high school cross country practices in the morning and bike riding even in the heat. We’ve also been hanging out at the library and participating in their programs… it was reading and learning about ponds and then pick up trash day around the pond. It’s been nice having Corom around for the summer (with his school job). It’s been really good for our family. Lots more to come this summer!

Trek (June 29 – July 1)

Corom and I went on our own adventure… Trek. The definition of trek: to travel or migrate, especially slowly or with difficulty.

Trek is a church activity that happens every 4 years for our youth (ages 14-18). We reenact some of the events our ancestors/pioneers had to go through as they crossed over the lands to come to Utah.

Corom and I were asked to be “moms and dads” to a group of teenagers on pioneer camping trip. We had an awesome “family”. Sorry Bri… the person taking the picture accidentally cut you out (the bottom one). It was a 3 day trek with pulling handcarts with all of our belongings in it. The 1st day we walked 9 1/2 miles through hot wind, major dust in some areas, heat and people getting blisters…but we sure had a fun time with everyone around us! The 2nd day, we walked 7 1/2 miles, through more heat, more dust and more people getting blisters… and it was still fun! we played a few pranks on the other “families”

We played games that the pioneers would play and made different stops along the way to hear “actors” tell stories of the pioneers. On the 3rd day, we walked a little over 5 miles. We did the women’s pull and this is what another lady wrote about it. She said it perfectly and I’m just not good at writing, so I’m going to put down what she said. She starts off saying 6 women per cart but I had the privilege to pull a lady who was unable to walk but wanted to be a part of trek. Very humbling experience…       “With six women per cart, the half-mile trip was very doable. But as our feet sank into deep dust and we worked to keep the handcart wheels turning, I imagined the women who traveled such paths alone, sometimes with empty stomachs, sometimes through snow and rain, sometimes with the added burden of a wounded or ill family member on the cart. I felt so grateful to have the power of sisterhood and unity. There are journeys we sometimes have to take alone, but oh, how wonderful it is when we can help share each others’ burdens and enjoy each others’ friendship along the way. About half-way along the path, I looked up through thick clouds of dust and saw the men standing in two long lines on either side of the trail, hats lowered to show their respect.  I saw the emotion on their faces as they struggled to accept that this was our journey to take and they could not step in and rescue us. And even though they couldn’t help us physically, I was buoyed by the love and concern on their faces. I can not begin to describe the comfort I felt from their presence, the gratitude I felt for the bond we all collectively shared at that moment, and the longing in my heart that each of my young sisters would wait for a husband who would show her the respect I saw in the eyes of many young men on the trail that day. As I’ve been thinking back on that scene, the veil feels very thin to me. I think the scene on that trail yesterday is a good metaphor for our true relationship with our ancestors. They are with us more than we know. They stand ready to strengthen and comfort us. They honor us for every good decision we make and for every act of courage we embark upon. Likewise, I suspect we were with them, stengthening, comforting, and honoring them when they made their difficult trek westward in our behalf.”

And then the crossing of the river… the men carried majority of the ladies across the river. This, too, was so amazing to experience. I knew I could cross the river and I even wanted to because it was so hot… but I allowed myself to let my husband have the experience of what these pioneer men had to do as they crossed the plains. It was humbling! And as I looked up at Corom, a overwhelming sense of love rushed through me.

We finished our trek experience shortly after the river crossing, with all of us (about 350-400 people; youth and leaders) gathered around for our last meal. We were dirty, hot and tired but all so happy for this time and experience we shared.

While we were at Trek… my 3 younger girls were with their G-goat (grandma Sarah). She put them right to work. 🙂 They did have a lot of fun there…

and my oldest went on her 1st overnight camp out with all the other 5th graders. They went up to Shadow mountain. 

4th of July Fun: We went to Yuba Lake with the Boothe’s, Fullmer’s and Thompson’s before we met up for a BBQ and fireworks. 

We had 4 boys from China come stay with us for a couple of weeks. They were so fun and had fun playing with our kids. They were a younger bunch. We had s’mores, went to the bean museum, went to a carnival…

Went kayaking, went off of rope swings, had many nerf gun fights, etc.

A good group of boys!

Cross Country Camp

We (the high school cross country team) had our annual camp up at Shadow Mountain. Always a fun experience with these kids. Lots of fun games, team building activities, running, eating, clinics, goal setting classes, traditions, swimming, etc…

My girls came up for the last night and spent the night. The last morning we packed up, played volleyball and then ran the 3 miles down the mountain to our bus. My girls ran with the high school kids. My youngest didn’t last too long on the bus. 🙂

Corom’s Fam Time

All of Corom’s family came into town to see the oldest cousin (our nephew) Eldon. He is leaving on a LDS mission this next week. He is going to Chicago. We went hiking up at the hidden waterfalls, went to Salem pond…… then we went swimming, played games and watched lightening storms…

] ] ] ]

] ] ] ]

… We had a family/friend lunch-on… and then Eldon was off to the MTC to serve his mission! He is going to be a great missionary! 

Our house flooded a couple of times this summer. 😬 With all the construction (with the school and City) going on the pipes were put in wrong. They were so good and took the blame but still very frustrating! At least the girls had fun. 😉

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