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Group Tempo Run

September 24, 2013

Our run began at 6 am. It was cold and dark and I was really not in the mood to be out this morning, until I looked down and I saw these…

It literally brightened up my morning. For real… Something about new shoes makes running so much more enjoyable. I was able to get other shoes along with these New Balance shoes (which I will try out on some other runs). The New Balance shoes felt great today… I am planning on wearing them for St. George marathon (that gives me a little over a week to break them in).

Anyway… I met up with Rachelle, Amber, Scott and Melissa for a short tempo run. We ran a total of 7.85 miles in 57:47. We began with a 2 mile warm up, then jumped into a 2 mile tempo (1st one a 6:29 pace and 2nd one 6:01 pace- way too fast but I felt good). We continued with a mile recovery and then did a 1 1/2 mile tempo (6:08 pace for the 1st mile and I don’t know what the half ended up being but it was about the same pace). I wish I could hold that for a marathon… 🙂 After we finished with a mile cool down. Everyone did great and it was nice having us all there! It made the workout go by fast! I have been feeling a little tug in the back of my left leg (hamstring) that past few days. It is not painful but it is there that causes me to worry… I HOPE it is nothing!!!

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  1. Hey! Haven’t checked in….in a while! Awesome shoes! I’m happy to report that my 2nd leg in the Ragnar was 7.8 miles & I ran it in 58 mins. I dream about running at your pace… I feel like I’m getting closer : )

    Good luck in the Marathon!

  2. That is a great time!!! Especially for your 2nd leg!!! I really think that is amazing. Was the race so much fun?

  3. Loved it!! I’m hooked……planning on making it a tradition!

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