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All In A Day…

January 7, 2014

My friend Stephanie and I surprised our other friend Camille for her birthday with balloons and good breakfast burritos!

It was nice visiting while my kids were in school. After I watched a couple of extra kids… I was able to clean house while the kids played… It was nice. I then went to in-door track practice. The kids went on a 7 mile loop with a mini tempo from miles 4-5 1/2.

We only had a handful of runners today but the ones that did come did well!

I took my 2 older daughters to their first piano lessons. They are taking it from my running friend Amber. They loved it!!! We then came home, had dinner as a family (which is every night as a family except for Wednesday nights), and then went Home Teaching together (Corom and I are partners… It is something we do in our church). We are assigned certain families in our ward/church and we visit them at least once a month to get to know them more, to help out with anything, etc. Corom headed off for scouts and then is going straight to coach his basketball team for their practice tonight. I helped my daughters with their lovely homework…


My oldest struggles really bad in reading! She is behind in her class. We have tried so many different things… We are at a loss and don’t know what to do differently!!! Help! Well… Time to get the 2 older ones to sleep (it is 7:45). The 2 younger ones were out by 7:15. 🙂

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