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Another Day At The Beach… ;)

June 4, 2014

My run started at 5:45 a.m. I ran around the beach and the campsites today. I ran for 50.02 and then finished off with 6 x 100 strides. I was supposed to get at least 5 miles in but ran more than that. I did add a little speed to my workout. I tempoed for 6:15, then for 3:30 and then for 2 minutes. It felt good but my legs have been feeling “heavy” lately. I know that time will pass. We had another fun and eventful day… There was a baby seal that needed some help and of course Corom and Mike had to help capture and put the seal in the cage.

We also had the privilege of being on the same beach as a movie production… They were filming a movie “American Sniper” next to us. It is based on the Navy Seals and Bradley Cooper is one of the main characters. 😉

Then of course we had to bury all the girls (18 and younger) today…

Then came the sand art… Every year we come up with some sand design…

The fun times at the beach… Lots of play…

This was our way to save $ on showers. It was $1 for a 2 minute warm shower. Yeah trying to get 4 girls with curly hair through a shower that quick is not going to happen. Good thing they had a sink/faucet by the bathrooms…

We went for a little hike with the kids while Mike and Corom went snorkeling and spear fishing…

They speared one…

We taught Z (our Foriegn exchange student) how to build and start a fire, they tried to teach my youngest how to ride a bike, my sister-in-law and nephews came back and hung out for a while, and we hung out with our “neighbors” and helped them prank another campsite… I don’t know how we get involved with this kind of stuff, but I love it!!!

It was a fun ride today. 😉


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  1. That sand art is so awesome! I am really impressed. Looks like a great vacation. You guys always find the best family adventures.

    • This is something my family and I did growing up so when Corom and I got married and began our family, I told him that this was a tradition I wanted to keep. We love beach camping!!!

      • I love that you guys do this. When I was growing up we camped A LOT. One summer we did a 2 week camping trip around Lake Superior. Such great memories. Rock went to and still works at a summer camp in WI so he still has the love for it. I am sure we will share that with our family too.

        The foot is on the mend. I ran 2 yesterday and planned on 3 but had some bizarre stomach issues that made me stop. I know where the problem lies now so I can rub the heck out of my calves and hopefully help it!

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