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June 12, 2014

I met up with Aubrey for a recovery run of 5 miles. I love the tapering miles… 5 miles now sounds like a piece of cake. It took us 39:33.51. My legs were heavy and it was hard to keep going but I guess that is all part of tapering. :/ I took the girls to their piano/violin lessons and then to swimming lessons.

I met up with a good friend of mine, Beth, for lunch at Simply Juicy. Delicious wraps! We talked a lot about the upcoming marathon in Minnesota next weekend. The girls, Amber and her kids and I went to Christensen’s Loop and walked the loop, then went to the local library here for a little while.

For dinner I got this recipe from a friend of mine… It is sooo good!!! And very healthy. Nachos with sweet potatoes instead of chips!!!

I sliced the sweet potato, brushed a little olive oil on it and added seasoning salt then baked it for 40-45 min at 425. Then I added the corn, black beans, kidney beans and cheese and put it back in for 5 min. After I added tomatoes, avocados and the sautéed peppers and carrots. It was really good! Thanks Janae! Corom went camping tonight with scouts and I hung out with a few ladies for a little while. Now it is close to 10 and I have to get ready for bed.


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  1. I am so excited for you and your marathon. Happy taper time! I am definitely going to try this nacho dish. I have a weakness for nachos. One time I even had them and got super sick with the flu. I thought that would cure me bit. Rock and I laugh that nachos are the only thing I could get sick on and still not be deterred!

    By the way, we both thought of you the other day. The preschoolers love playing games to “trick me.” And they asked Rock if they could hide stuff from me. When I came over to their group they asked me to play, “Where did Coach Sarah’s beautiful pink balls go.” Rock and I laughed so hard and he wished we had taped it for you and Corom. Never gets old.

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