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June 13, 2014

I went out at 6 this morning for a 52:44.41 total minute run (with the 100’s included in that time). I did finish off with 6 x 100’s. I was supposed to get 6 miles in and finish off with 8 x 100’s. I’m pretty sure I ran more than 6 miles so I felt ok with not doing the other 2 100’s. (I just mapped it out and I ran 6.7 with the 6 x 100’s on top of that). I got the girls ready for the youth track practice…we (the high school kids and I) set up an obstacle course for practice. We later handed out the ribbons and medals that the kids won from the last track meet. They were excited!


The girls had their 5th lesson of swimming. It is fun to watch them improve each day.

Later the girls helped the neighbor kids wash their car…

Then about 20 kids came over. My friend Lindsey and I filled up about 400 water balloons and they got into a water balloon fight. The water balloons did not last that long!

In the early evening, The girls and I took Z to the store to buy more luggage and then I went to pick up my race packet. I’m signed up to run a 1/2 marathon tomorrow. I decided I will run it with a friend of mine and help her to achieve her goal. It would be unwise of me to race it with the marathon next week. :/ Corom comes home tonight sometime… He went camping with the scouts. It is 8:30 and I am going to get ready for bed. I have to leave my house at about 3:30 a.m. For this “race”… The things I sign up for. :/

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