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Utah Valley 1/2 Marathon, Barbecue & Movie

June 14, 2014

3:35 a.m. came around way too quick! I grudgingly got out of bed and proceeded to get ready for the Utah Valley 1/2 marathon. Amber came and picked me up and off we went to catch the bus at 4:10 a.m.

I was excited to run this race because I was running with my friend Amber. There was no pressure of racing today and I was able to enjoy the run. I ran the first 9 with Amber at an average of a 7-7:10 pace and then picked up the pace for the next 2 miles. The last 2.1 I went at a 5k race pace. (6:00’s). I felt good and ended up placing 4th in my age group. I ran a 1:30.50. I didn’t do a warmup or cool down because i didn’t want to put in extra miles. I had many friends running today and many that ran the marathon.

They all ran well and it was fun to be there. After a few of us went straight to the massage table…

Because we were the 1st ones there, we had a 15 min massage… So nice! There were a few of us from our racing team and they ran so well! Very talented runners!

Well today’s main purpose for me was to get a 13 miler in. What a great way to do it! At home we did the normal Saturday stuff… Cleaned a little (because we were unmotivated), organized a little and played (mainly the kids).

We had a few neighbors over for a barbecue and then the Fullmer’s and us went to a late movie (after the kids were asleep). We watched Non-stop. I thought it was pretty good. Eventful day!

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