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Father’s Day

June 15, 2014

Oh the joys if Father’s Day! The girls and I got up and we (I) made breakfast. The girls were actually working on his “special church tie”.

Right before we left for church, the girls gave him his tie. He wore it all throughout church and received so many compliments on it!

It was huge! But it looked good. Z (our Foriegn exchange student) was excited to see her picture on it. She has been our “daughter” for the past 8 months now that of course she was included on the tie. We had a nice afternoon… I did take Z around to visit and say goodbye to different friends and families. 😦 Corom was back at the house taking a Sunday nap in the hammock out back. The girls just played out in the yard. We then had some friends over for a Father’s Day dinner.

Z visited a few more friends and then we all went to bed. Today was a rest day for me… I didn’t run or do any form of exercise. Always a nice break!

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  1. Love the tie! Rock told me to hurry up and read this because it was hilarious. I hope Corom considers wearing that for tie worthy events.

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