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Running, Everything Else, To Major Toothache

June 16, 2014

I decided to run with the high school kids today for my 6 to 7 mile recovery run. It was a good run… And I felt good. I ran over 6 but under 7 in 47:38.70. I think running with the kids made the run go by fast!

The youth track started right after high school cross country… The kids had so much fun today!

Then I took the girls to their swim lessons. They love going to swim lessons. My youngest is crazy and will just jump in not caring that she can’t swim. So she probably has been put in timeout almost every time.

Z went hiking today and I actually went and got a massage and went to Dr. Crockett (chiropractor) to get my hips adjusted. I had a free 30 minute massage… I decided to upgrade it to an hour for the $10 difference. The time went by too fast. It was great!

Later, the girls and I took Z around to say goodbye to more friends and then we met up with Corom and went out to dinner.

The girls were fighting over who got to sit next to Z. 🙂

She had some visitors tonight and we had a few people over for FHE. It was more of a Family History thing. Our church really wants us to research our ancestors. It has been kind of fun to see our ancestry and how far down our line has been worked on. My mom was adopted from Greece, so finding her different family members has been amazing! And of course we had dessert.

Corom had been in so much pain!!! He has a root canal or something and cannot relax or sit or anything! Oh it is so sad! I don’t know what to do for him. 😦

I’m trying to talk him into calling the emergency line. We shall see.

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  1. An hour massage for $10? Yes please!

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