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Catching Up The Past Few Days…

March 5, 2015

Tuesday: I love speed workout mornings. :/ I began with a 2 mile warmup and then began the 8 x 800’s. My 1st one was a 2:40. Not what I wanted. I was a little frustrated with that time but knew that I was going to have a more difficult time trying to run faster this workout. I was already tired after that 1st one. 2nd one: 2:35; 3rd: 2:36; 3rd: 2:37; 4th: 2:40… But I almost got nailed by a car on this one. Not the best feeling! 5th: 2:37; 6th: 2:37; 7th: 2:36; and 8th: 2:36. I was able to keep my mile in a 6:10-6:13 average. (I would run up a little past the mile mark and back before I would start the next set. I finished off with a cool down of 2 miles. 

I was glad when this workout was over! For the rest of the day… I stayed busy! I worked at the school all morning for PTO stuff (I did take a 30 minute break to run to the gym… My 2nd time doing squats :/). Yep… I’m still not good at them. The 2 younger girls each had a friend over until the other 2 got out of school. We had a good snow storm come through today… We haven’t seen snow in a long time! I still had the poor distance runners do their track workout out on the track. 🙂 I did run the 2 mile warmup with them… 

Then they began their speed and I stood out in the freezing cold, timing them. 

Corom had a meeting tonight and We went to “Spike Night” at the local running store Endurance Athletics. We had about about 60-70 kids show up and buy shoes and eat pizza. 🙂 

A few friends came over and we watched the bachelor… It was a late night! Here are a few pictures of the girls today. 🙂 

Wednesday: I started off my day with a easy recovery run. It was nice. 🙂 

It was another busy day! I babysat, ran errands, cleaned house, did PTO stuff, church stuff, then ended up at track (with the 2 younger ones… The 2 older ones were at piano). The HS kids went on a recovery distance run. They were happy about that one! 

After practice, I met up with the RS presidency and we went in to 5 different homes to visit the new ladies that moved in. Corom had to work late tonight so the girls had a babysitter. They were loving it! 🙂 

Thursday: I met up with Amber for the Harry’s Loop run. :/ Once we reached the top, we began the tempo down. I was able to hit a 5:46, 5:45 and a 5:33… I felt great today! 

I was sore when I finished but I liked it! We got the girls off to school and then Corom and I went to the gym together. He went to help me with my squats. I have a lot to learn. :/ 

As you can see, I am not getting the squats down. 🙂 The bar is crooked and I’m laughing in the top picture because Corom is making fun of me… So he switched me over to another squat machine. That was easier! 

Right after the gym, Megan and I went out for more visits with church. I had to run to the Rec Office to help order new track equipment… 

…then met up with some friends from my old neighborhood at Zupa’s for lunch. It was so nice to sit down and visit! I miss seeing them all the time! At home, Corom and I and the 2 younger girls worked on the Kindy 500 car and things around the house. The 2 younger girls stayed home with Corom and the 2 older girls were at track with me. 

They went on a moderate 7 miler… Tomorrow will be their speed day! 🙂 I had a RS dinner tonight. Good food and good company! and a great turnout. 

The girls had a blast with dad because the house was a mess when I came home. 🙂 

Travis and his little girl were over to help (Corom) with the girls, too. Megan, Julie, Jessica and I ran over to a friends to sing Happy Birthday… We took all the balloons from the dinner. 🙂 

I am home now and trying to play catchup from the past few days. It’s been busy!!! 

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  1. Ah, I am a big fan of squats and lunges. I finally convinced Rock to start doing them and he now swears by them. If you don’t like the feel of the bar you can definitely do it with free weights too. Even 8-10 pound weights in each hand will do the job. Actually, as you continue training you might find that is just enough weight to strengthen without tiring your legs too much. It really helped decrease the nagging injuries Rock was having last year and who doesn’t love those muscles?!

  2. debtrisforkona permalink

    Wow your times are amazing!! I wish my 800s could be close to that!!! You will smash Boston!!

    • Thank you… But I decided not to race Boston and just use it as a training run for my June marathon. I am bummed about it but know it will be the best thing to do for me to hit my main goal. 😦 But thank you!!!!

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